Binary Options Scam? Professional Opinion Is Common!
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Who Is in Favor of the Position “Binary Option Scam”? Professional Opinion of Financiers!

Who Is in Favor of the Position “Binary Option Scam”? Professional Opinion of Financiers!


1.What Does an Economist Think about Binary Options?
2.Binary Options Scam! Professional Opinion Commented by a Financial Analyst
3.Forex Market Trader Alexander Gerchik Tells about Secrets of Successful Trading
4.What Are Binary Options Legally Speaking?
5.The Opinion of Victor Samoylov, a Binary Options Trader
6.How to Avoid Scam at Exchange?
7.As for the Conclusion

Greetings, friends. It’s John Foster and today I want to raise the probably most urgent issue for a beginning reader. Do binary options scam? Professional opinion about the problem is offered for you as an answer. I want to figure something out: my goal is to let you thing about it. And then, it’s up to you who you want to be – a fool attracted by statements of sharks of the financial world or a “smart aleck” poor because of the fate.

So, who you think is the most competent to answer the question about the essence of binary options? Owners of faceless nicknames at forums or those who just don’t need to conceal their names? I introduce 5 independent professional opinions of specialists directly related to trading.

What Does an Economist Think about Binary Options?

Tom Watson, Candidate at economics and specialist at financial engineering: “Binary options is just the way how business persons save themselves during economical crisis. We are experiencing economical depression nowadays, and this state will remain for 2 next years. This, to say the least of it, is not very pleasant for someone running a business. But profits can be gained even from a crisis? Because very economist knows it’s more profitable to buy assets when it’s quite bad in the economy of the country. And binary options exchanges provide us with plenty of such assets! You will not get such an opportunity to gain with movements of prices for oil, precious metals and volatility of currencies. And to do this with minimal risks and relatively small investments.”

I can personally add that Tom Watson is not an abstract theorist. He is an experienced stock market trader aware of tricks and reality of trading. Many successful businessmen respect Tom’s opinion, and so do “scammed fools”. I must say that I has never been in losses following his forecasts. High-quality fundamental analysis together with a reliable strategy guarantees success for 100%.Thomas DeMark

Binary Options Scam! Professional Opinion Commented by a Financial Analyst

The leading financial analyst of North Carolina Matthew Tomson comments statements about “scamming”: “At each stage of Forex evolution, there were those who were yelling about scamming and those who were silently earning with currencies’ fluctuations. And then, with the growth of popularity of trading, both categories has risen in numbers.

Just recall – in the beginning of 90-s, due to enormous fees, only big feet could afford trading. But everything has changed about 10 years later, when retailing platforms entered the market and made currency trading approachable. Another 8 years passed, and a brand new financial product has appeared – binary options. It combined economical attraction of Forex and the simplicity and security of trading. The number of those who wanted to try themselves in trading has significantly increased at once!

Today, currency markets are in the state of high volatility. There are many reasons for it: falling of the interest rate of Japanese Bank, devaluation of yuan, intentions of European Bank to use additional measures of financial stimulation. Due to destabilization of the market, traders look for a save haven where they could avoid consequences of abrupt price jumps. And they more and more often choose binary options exchanges. Because this financial tool is attractive as it lets control risks and minimize losses.

So, the statement “binary options scam”, professional opinion can’t prove. When you are involved in it for years, the reason for such phrases becomes more clarified. It’s the simplest reason ever – the massive inflow of traders-novices who don’t want to just study fundamentals of technical analysis and the ready-made trading strategy.”

I want to specify Mat has been working in a prosperous bank for years and owns an international certificate letting him engage such activity. In his time, he was collaborating with European stock exchanges providing them with analytical forecasts. I often talk to him about which assets are best to invest into in exact periods of time.

Dear readers, you must have read a lot of information related to financial markets. And now, the main point is to arrange all received information. That’s why, I recommend you to read the “Step-By-Step Instruction for Trading” – it will assist you to form a clear picture of your further actions

successful trader

Forex Market Trader Alexander Gerchik Tells about Secrets of Successful Trading

Acting and successful trader thinks the worst enemy of ours is ourselves: “Binary options is a real chance to earn, make your fortune. Surely, only for those who look for such an opportunity. But not everybody uses this chance correctly! Safe trading is nothing but a myth, and insignificant sinks of the deposit is the inevitable reality. But, in practice we have the following situation: having losses of the order, a trader gives up and starts whining that binary options scam. Professional opinion about it is nothing for them! They can’t see anything except their failed order! Thus, we have the impossibility of turning the situation in the right direction and then, the inevitable failure comes.

Have you ever though what is the difference between 2-3% of really successful traders and rest? The thing is how they perceive their defeats! Like a flying locomotive can’t be stopped by a sudden windflaw, a man steadily moving toward their goal can’t be stopped by a loss.”

What Are Binary Options Legally Speaking?

Ben Flannery, the former employee of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has his own opinion about the essence of binary options: “During my job experience, I often came across with situations when people demanded to forbid something led them to losses. In particular, it was about binary options trading. The matter is there are so many financial tools nowadays, that it’s too easy to get confused about where criminal and legal way of earning are. But let’s clarify something! MiFID (related to financial tools market) has confirmed binary options as a financial product. And it has been affirmed in 2012 in Switzerland by the court. In that process, an option broker was in trial with its regulator which didn’t want to issue a license for such activity for the company. As the result of examining the process, functions of the regulator were cut and the rightness of the broker was proven.

This is another acknowledgement of the legality of such way of earning recognized worldwide. So, for everyone asking themselves do binary options scam, professional opinion gives the univocal answer. There is nothing criminal in trading with binary options!”

Today, Ben has been promoted, and I won't name the organization he is working for nowadays. I want to say the only thing – I trust his experienced and abilities to distinguish scam from a real earning. And it’s up to you to decide!

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The Opinion of Victor Samoylov, a Binary Options Trader

I left the opinion of my friend and colleague, Victor Samoylov for the end intentionally. Victor has his own blog and faces the statement about scamming every day. As he says, sometimes such insistent refusal to know the truth can lead to madness. How can one teach a man who is self-assured they are going to be scammed?

“I try different ways to prove a simple truth – it’s real to earn with binary options! I publish screenshots of my orders, abstracts of accounts, reviews of real people succeeded in earning. Most realize it, but some stay stuck to their opinions. Sometimes, I lose my wish to continue my teaching project. Only a thought that I can help many people who need that saves me and my blog.”

Victor has been involved in trading for long and feels good teaching others to do this business. He’s achieved everything himself and knows the essence of trading with binary options to the tiniest details. I won’t even say should we trust words of a man who made his way from a laborer to the prosperous on options

How to Avoid Scam at Exchange?

So, which conclusions can we make from all we read? At least two ones:

  1. Binary options is the rightful financial tool and earning with them is real and absolutely legal.
  2. The main enemy of a novice trader is themselves, and, to say it more correctly, their incompetency in the problem.

So how can we save ourselves from the failure? How not to be added to those who yell binary options scam? Professional opinion:

  1. Motivation. Don’t believe in your successful? Then you should not start at all. There is no place for those who suffer – the market doesn’t give a damn about your life situation! Want to earn? – Do it! It’s the simple truth recalled by less than 10% of traders.
  2. Preparations. Attentively study the basic information about trading at the market. Clarify each term, regularity of price formation, psychology of the market. And never approach the trading platform until you master all these nuances!
  3. A reliable broker. Big money unfortunately attract many unfair people. Most brokers have their main goal to waste the deposit of their client. And they are ready for everything in the battle for customers’ money – frauds, drawing additional elements at charts, blocking accounts. You can read about the company I trust in the article “Top-5 Facts You Didn’t Know about UTRADER: Reviews, Feedbacks and Proven Ways to Earn”.
  4. Working strategy. Choose the tested working strategy which accuracy is good for you. Study all its nuances and promise to stick to rules you are given!
  5. Money-management. Even the most reliable algorithm has the percent of error. So, it’s indispensable to follow rules of managing the deposit. And it’s very urgent for novices who often make mistakes while trading.

As for the Conclusion

Dear readers, in my story I told you how emotions led me to wasting my first deposit. Then, I was also broken by the failure. But I never gave up, and more – I returned to trading as another man! As a person who can achieve every top in their business. And my example has proven the simple truth – it’s real to earn at trading with binary options! So, I hate reading statements of “experts” again who slander in different ways this way of earning. And they slander traders who trust this trading.

So, that’s what I would like to tell you. And it’s up to you now! You can continue believing binary options scam. Professional opinion about is clear for you now. And you can test this opinion and earn real money with trading. Nobody promises a simple way for you. There, as in any business, you will have to work hard. But the result of such labor will please you for sure! I can’t doubt it!


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