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What to Do to Make Money? Choose Your Way Now!

What to Do to Make Money? Choose Your Way Now!

What to do to make money? This question can be asked by everybody, sooner by some and later by others. In an exact moment, every person must make their choice defining their future then. Unfortunately, most people make that choice incorrectly, following the direction unable to lead to money, prestige or respectful reception. However, if you’ve chosen the wrong way some time ago, having applied for a low-wages job with no perspectives – don’t be desperate yet. The main point is to find your energy to start everything from the very beginning, and absolutely change your views at the life and field of activity. Further, you will get known about most profitable ways to make money, approachable either for gifted ones, or for ordinary people.


1.Ways for Ordinary and Gifted!
2.Wage-Labor? Not for Us!
3.What to Do to Make Money? 5 Ways for Your Choice!
4.How to Make Money with Financial Exchanges?
5.Forex or Binary Options?
6.Don’t Stop Yet!


Ways for Ordinary and Gifted!

Most people in the world are ordinary citizens. Some ways to make money are approachable and available for them, while some opportunities are not. For example, an ordinary person will never be able to become the chief of a major international corporation, but it doesn’t mean they must be satisfied with the minimum. It’s wrong to suppose if somebody is born in an unpretending family without any special abilities or skills, then they will live this way unable to change anything. Actually, nobody is obliged to be genius to become wealthy, not obliged to have the entrepreneurial mindset to earn to say, 5,000 $ a week. But what does a one need to climb several levels up in this life’s social status stairs?

  1. Firstly, you need the eagerness to do that – it’s impossible to do anything without motivation. You shouldn’t complain about your life and suppose you can’t change even a one thing of your being. The system can seem unfair for you, but you can use it in your behalf, and you don’t have to become a gangster for this. The main point is to want to become a wealthy person. I know some people who are really gifted and could have reached the leading position in the society, but they are born in an ordinary family and believe the dashing ascend in social status stairs is impossible. I feel sorry for them, as they can’t realize their potential fully, revealing all naturally given abilities. At the same time, there are many mediocre people among my colleagues, who have never felt any special talents. But, in the fullness of time, they have been eager to make money and succeeded then, regardless of any existing prejudices.
  2. The desire to make money is great, but it will give nothing to you, unless you really do. You know, nowadays many documentaries appear, which state that our thoughts are material. Actually, it may be true, but the thought itself is a zilch if it is not supported by actions. If you are seated on your sofa dreaming the whole day about making a million – this money will not fall on you, no matter how much you might with it. Wanttogetsuccessful? Getaholdofyourselfandstarttoengage. Whatexactlytodotomakemoney – you’lllearninthearticle.


Wage Labor? Not for Us!

The majority of people in our world work for hire, but it’s not our way, is it? Wage labor can’t bring success for anybody, with some rare exceptions. If you don’t have come connections in the company you work in, don’t wait for a fast-moving climbing at career stairs. The exception is people with excellent gifts, but, as my experience can prove, there are not so many of them. There are the most common misbelieves about traditional job:

  • A respectful university’s certificate or a diploma can provide with a prestigious vacancy and dashing career development at once. Most students think this very way, but those are just infantile dreams that will never come true. Modern employers sometimes don’t even care about your higher education, but do so about your working experience and skills, that even the most brilliant university (or college) graduate doesn’t have. Then, as a result we have that regardless of the quality of the education, you still must work at a low position. What’s to the career growth, it’s been described above. Don’t have any relations or gifts – you will never jump higher than a minor manager.
  • Starting from the bottom of the major company, one can climb to the top. Here, I don’t even want to give any comments. Have you ever met an office clerk succeeded in developing in a structural unit director, all the more in a big company?
  • The main thing is not the money but the satisfaction of the job. I can agree with that, but, –isn’t it strange – only that job satisfies which can let you make good money! Most people make the routine in close and small office cubicles or governmental structures, getting chicken feed for their job. While major managers and chiefs like their job, I am sure, and the same can be said about businessmen, investors or freelancers.


What to Do to Make Money? 5 Ways for Your Choice!

  1. With the Internet development, freelance has gained fine popularity as a labor branch. People don’t apply for a traditional job but become a freestyle-employees, offering services on the Net or in real world. Freelancers don’t have a boss, or subordinates – they belong to themselves only. They decide when to work and when to relax – that’s quite good. Here are the most common ways of freelance:
  • In real world, the most popular freelancers are attorneys and notaries. They work for themselves, offer services for their clients and rarely hire anybody. Peripatetic programmers can be mentioned among those freelancers, as they also offer services of maintaining computers for “dummies”, and even plumbers and shoemakers working boss-free are subjects of freelance. In fact, freelances, along with companies, can be found in any branch or field of activity.
  • What’s to the Net, more and more copywriters appear in the recent times. A copywriter is one who composes articles for websites. Even more resources emerge on the Net today, and every one of them needs text content. And you don’t need to have a brilliant writing gift – just fine grammar and ability to paraphrase others’ articles are required. It’s sufficient for the start, and then – the experience will come, and you’ll be able to compose your own author’s text materials. Surely, with absolutely no writing skill (or talent), you won’t earn that much or become a great specialist, but it’s still better than wage labor. You can 100% make about 200-300 $ a week, and sometimes even more. The job will satisfy you emotionally, and nobody will let you fall into routine there.
  • There are some other ways of Net-freelance: sites maintenance, web-design (of sites and ads), counseling and so on. Actually, everybody can find themselves there.
  1. Another good way to make money on the Net is the partnership programs working. Theessence is that you attract clients to an Internet-project. It may be either an online store, or a labor exchange (for freelancers and customers), investment project, etc. Depending on how much clients you bring, you gain the respectful partnership reward.

With that, you will be the part-time advertising agent of one or several projects. You don’t have any obligations, so you can work and rest whenever you prefer. If one can advertise a good or an offer, they can make solid money.

  1. You also may open your own business. It can be a home business, for the very beginning – don’t try to open something very grand at once. The most popular way today is trading. It won’t require special skills but will probably take much time. You buy commodities from the wholesale supplier, create the platform for selling (a store or an online store) and start the work. Firstly, you can work alone, and then, when the business becomes profitable, hire subordinates and other employees.

Own business is very interesting and profitable, but it doesn’t suit everybody, as for correct managing entrepreneurial abilities are required. Sometimes, you’ll be in deadlocks, difficulties will emerge for sure, but don’t give up – you must try harder and proceed at any cost.

  1. If you have some free money and want to multiply it – become an investor. Your objective will be to find a profitable investment campaign for your funds. You can either buy major company’s stocks, or invest in PAMMs or meet a good investment project on the Net. But always study all the reviews about every single project, as there are lots of pyramid-schemes and cheaters on the Net. Having done everything correctly, you can provide yourself with stable passive income and forget about any job.

All the ways described above are very good opportunities to make money, but, as far as I’m concerned, the best is financial exchange. It is where I’ve been working for last 15 years and have never regretted about, as exchanges give high and relatively stable income. The core is that you trade with assets (currencies, shares, precious metals, indices, etc.). Your objective is to predict the direction of asset’s rate. With the right forecast, you earn, with the wrong one – you lose.businessman with computer, papers and calculator

Can you get stable gaining there? Stability is a relative term at financial exchanges, because everything depends on the mood of the market. If you do all the stuff correctly, it’s possible multiple excess of profits over losses, but impossible to retrieve full stability. In fact, you won’t even need it, as with the worst situation, you will have more in income than in any wage labor. For instance, you earn 300 $ this month, and 1000 $ the next. However, as a rule, differences are not that significant, especially if you use technical trading strategies. Further, I will tell you how to make money from the very first day at the exchange.

How to Make Money with Financial Exchanges?

The most common financial exchanges are forex and binary option exchange. Many people trader there, because everybody, even with minor initial deposit can start trading. Nevertheless, not everybody gains there. The paradox is that all of them can make money, but 80-85% traders waste their funds. Why so? In fact, those very 80% trade incorrectly because of either lack of knowledge or natural laziness. Here are their most common mistakes:

  • Most beginners (especially at binary option exchange) start trading without special training, which is the worst mistake can ever be made, as it leads to wasting the whole deposit. You must prepare for any work, and also for the one related to exchange trade. You must have a trading strategy to work with. If a trader tries to guess the direction by the intuition, they play roulette instead of trade. You can gain guaranteed profits only with a reliable strategy.
  • Most newbies study strategies, but in wrong places. Most trading algorithms on the Net are described by those who have never traded at the exchange. Surely, such materials are absolutely useless. You have to listen to pros only, and read only their texts. On this website, you will find trading strategies – some of them are described by me personally, and others are made by my most successful learners. To prove my professionalism, screenshots of my trading, clearly showing the profit, are attached to this and other articles of PAMM-Trade.
  • Novicesoftenchoosebadbrokers, whichdon’tletthemmakemoney. A broker is a company you trade with. There are some honest forex and binary option exchange brokers – their conditions can be compared in the tables below – and there are some cheaters. The latter ones are usually young companies, where even a pro-trader will not be able to make any money. That’s why I recommend working with those reliable brokers only of the tables below.

Those were the most significant beginners’ mistakes preventing them from gaining. Now, you’ve gotten known about them, and I hope you will avoid them. Surely, beginners make other mistakes either, but those are not that fatal and can’t be reasons for enormous losses. Do everything thoroughly, follow rules of your trading strategy – and you will make fine money with financial exchanges. You can engage training on this resource, making 3 steps:

  1. First of all, study basics to realize all the rules of the strategy, be familiar with trading terms and learn to use the simplest analyzing methods. All of that is described in “Trading Encyclopedia for Dummies”.
  2. After that, we start studying the strategy itself. Either professional algorithms or those for newbies can be found on this website. However, I tried to describe all the rules in the easiest and most comprehensive way of step-by-step instructions, so you can begin to work with any strategy. You can read their descriptions and start studying the preferable in the article “Forex And Binary Options Trading Strategies”.
  3. The last stage is choosing the broker. If you decide to trade at forex, all companies have quite similar conditions and terms of service – you should choose one of reliable ones from the table above. What’s to options, any broker there offers absolutely different conditions. Clicking on any link from the table below, you will come to the review-article of a company, where you will read about all advantages and start trading.

Having done everything right, you’ll get guaranteed profits, as you will trade with a reliable strategy and broker. All in all, studying will take 10-15 hours. Don’t hurry to start, as the more thorough is your preparation, the higher will be the income. On this site, great materials of leading traders are collected, which give practical knowledge about the exchange. For more confidence, after completing steps above, you can study several more forex or options strategies in matching sections of the resource.

Forex or Binary Options?

You can earn at either exchanges, and it’s up to you only which one to choose. Now, I will briefly explain the essence of each of them.

At forex, you trade with currency. You have to analyze the chart, open a buying or selling order, and then, some time later, close it with profits.

Options are the financial tool, letting gain in an easier way, than at forex. You need to analyze the chart, choose the matching option (Call or Put), and the timeframe (the time an option closeswithin – 60 secs, 30 min, 4 hours, etc). You don’t have to close your position – it removes additional difficulties – options close automatically in the arranged time.

You can read about differences of forex and binary option exchange in the article “Forex VS Options”.what-to-do-to-make-money-4

Don’t Stop Yet!

The question “What to do to make money?” is cleared now. If you start working at one of mentioned directions, you will surely reach something. But whoever you are and whatever you have – remember: it’s not the top and you can do even more. Never stop with what you’ve reached already, as people get satisfied only by the fast moving forward. It doesn’t matter how much you earn: 100,000 $, a million, or ten million – more global goals always exist.
As for me, I don’t need money any more – my 15-years funds will provide good living for me and my children. But money is not the only thing must be reached. Thus, I’ve created PAMM-Trade resource and want to teach trading to beginners who really want to make money. Inthisway, I will leave some thing after me. Maybe, you will engage something like that in future, or want to realize yourself in business. Any goal will be respectful and appropriate, the main point is to move forward and never to stop if you have energy to stay on your way.


Now, you know what to do to earn money. Which way to choose? It’suptoyou. I preferred financial exchanges and very happy I have done this. With a strong wish, you can combine several ways. For instance, trade at forex, and invest excessive profits in PAMMs, providing your pocket with several income flows. As for the conclusion, I will add that either of these ways will bring not only money but also experience for you that can be used in future. Perspective field of activity improves the person, making them more advanced and interesting talker. As for me, I was an ordinary factory worker long time ago, and was tongue-tied; and today I can have conversations with financial elite of the world. And I am not specially gifted; the only reason is the right job and lifestyle.

Get successful and gain much!

Best Regards, John Foster.

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