Trading System P/L % Profit Dealings Success % Weeks Users
SignalKING 588.78% $47,635.66 17378 47.6% 316 270 Invest
SignalGold 192.51% $9,625.48 667 59.37% 38 238 Invest
SignalMAX 523.59% $76,046.14 12184 69.74% 169 209 Invest


How to Calculate Leverage? TOP-7 Facts You Didn’t Know!

Contents: 1. Fact #1. How Does Leverage Work and Why Is Margin Trading Needed? 2. Fact #2. Sizes of Leverage 3. Why Does a Broker Give a Loan for Us? 3.1. Fact #3. How DO Forex Brokers Make Money? What is Margin Call? 3.2. More Information about Stop Out Execution or What is Leverage in…

What Is Leverage in Forex? A Sin or the Essetial?

Hey, it's John Foster and this time I am telling you about a very significant point at forex - leverage, disproving some novices' myths of this tool, describing its core and advising you how to choose the right one suiting your trade style. Okay, what it leverage in forex? Leverage is the ratio of your…

Stoploss and Takeprofit! Risk-Free Forex Trading Secrets!

Hey, buddies, it's John Foster. It's not surprising that forex has many risks for any trader. In contrast to the option exchange, the loss here is not fixed, so you can even lose everything if the chart moves too sharply. And how to insure your risks, if a trader cannot leave the terminal waiting for…

Forex VS Optios! The Great Battle!

Forex and Options Are not the Same! What are differences between them? This question bother most people, because forex and options are quite similar for the first sight, and it's quite tough to find distinctions of each. Forex left bad memories and unsatisfied hopes for some. It's not surprising, because trading there is very difficult,…
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