Trading System P/L % Profit Dealings Success % Weeks Users
SignalKING 588.78% $47,635.66 17378 47.6% 316 270 Invest
SignalGold 192.51% $9,625.48 667 59.37% 38 238 Invest
SignalMAX 523.59% $76,046.14 12184 69.74% 169 209 Invest

Forex: strategy

Professional Scalping Strategy! 9/10 Profit Signals!

Hi, friends. It’s John Foster and at this time I am to tell you about the unique forex scalping strategy. Why is it so unique? Just because this is the one fundamental analysis trading strategy approachable for novices. Fundamentals are usually more accurate and profitable than technical ones, but can be gotten fully only by…

FOREX Wave Analysis! Trading and Sea. Are They a Like?

Technical analysis is the most popular at Forex. In contrast to fundamental one, it doesn't require specific knowledge at economics, ability to compare different factors such as inflation, consumer price index, GDP, sales, etc. That's why technical analysis is usually considered the simplest and recommended for new traders. We are to look into one of…

Daily Forex Trading Strategies! 2 Indicators+ Half-Hour a Day = 50% Profit!

Greetings, friends! It’s John Foster. What do you think? What are novice-traders at forex waiting for in 2015-2016? Right! For simpli city and profitability! Another questions: do such strategies  exist? Can one predict the direction of the quotation price for the coming week or month without any skills, knowledge and efforts? I won’t cunning: high-accuracy…

Best FOREX Trading Strategies for Beginners and Pros!

Hey, it’s John Foster. All forex traders can be divided into two groups: those who think why can gain without any trading strategy and those who are serious about trading and eager to find a profitable and comprehensive system. What do you think – who will make money? I think, this question doesn’t require any…
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