Trading System P/L % Profit Dealings Success % Weeks Users
SignalKING 588.78% $47,635.66 17378 47.6% 316 270 Invest
SignalGold 192.51% $9,625.48 667 59.37% 38 238 Invest
SignalMAX 523.59% $76,046.14 12184 69.74% 169 209 Invest

For the investor’s beginner

What Is Futures Trading and How to Make Money with Them: Definition and Examples

Contents: 1. The History of Futures Orders: Who Invented Futures Trading 2. Futures’ Features and Main Rules of Deals 2.1. Futures Definition and a Short Insight: Main Terms of the Market 2.2. Cash-Settlement and Physical Delivery Futures – Contracts with Different Features of Fulfillment 2.3. Modern Exchanges or How to Sell Weather Futures – Examples…

Technical Analysis for Novices - TOP-3 Ways to Get on with the Chart!

Contents: ​1.Right Sight - What Should a Novice Remember of? 2.Basics of Analysis - Simply about Tough! 2.1.3 Pillars of Technical Analysis 2.2.Primary Terms 2.3.Kinds of Charts 3.Technical Analysis Elements - How to Forecast Price Movement? 3.1.Lines 3.2.How to Build Correct Technical Analysis for Novices? 4.Technical Analysis Figures – How to Catch a Trend Change?…

Share and Bond Issuer – What Is It? Why Companies Issue Shares?

Share and bond issuer is the company that issued these securities. There is a term as currency issuer - it is the country having this currency as national. So, we've figured out the terms. But there are still some unclear questions: who can be the share and bond issuer; which securities are issued; why do some…

Online Trading! 7 Reasons to Start Currency Trading Right Now!

Speculation is economical activity, when one doesn't render any services, produce goods, but is a middleman between a salesman and a client. Currency speculation is a special kind of speculation. There, the goal is to buy currency at lower price and the sell at higher price. Most speculators follow this principle. But you shouldn't consider…
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