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UTRADER: Reviews, Feedbacks and Proven Ways to Earn - TOP-5 Facts You Didn't Know About the Broker!




1.Legal Regulation Guarantees Your Calmness!
2.Top-5 Advantages of a Broker Leading You to Success!
3.Crouch Start or How to Start Earning!
3.1.Getting Hands in Utrader (Reviews Below)!
3.2.Additional Opportunities for a Trader!
4.How I Multiplied My Wealth Using UTRADER Customer Privileges!
5.Instead of the Afterword

Greetings, dear traders. It’s John Foster and today I’d love to tell you about a binary options broker which is really worth your attention. I must mention that it’s the first time when I dare give such characteristics to a broking company. And there are some significant reasons to it. But let’s talk about it further! For years of trading with binary options, I has tried enough brokers. In some cases, I wasn’t satisfied by their conditions. But more often I was driven by the interest and desire to find something better when I changed a company to work with. And I was right! About 3 years ago, I came across with information about UTRADER – reviews about it were different.

Some slandered the company for their wasted deposits, others, conversely, praised it for reliability and professionalism. Besides, the broker itself offered some tools and conditions I’ve never met before. For example, options with the timeframe up to 10 months and the opportunity to return funds after unsuccessful losing orders. It was the thing that stimulated me to check myself what UTRADER reviews stood for. Dear readers, if you are not acquainted with main terms of trading yet, I recommend you to master the “Trader’s Encyclopedia

Legal Regulation Guarantees Your Calmness!

So, let me start with the main! What does reliability of a broker mean? It means legal regulation and certification in several countries. Why to test how strongly the company stands if it’s already tested before you’ve come, right?

The broker is the part of the major company Day Dream Investments Ltd., which soon will celebrate its 10th anniversary from the day it’s been founded. Its chief, William de Bier, who I have recently acquainted with, has brilliant business reputation. And the business itself has certificates of reliability in several countries of Europe and CIS. The regulator of Day Dream Investments Ltd is FMRRC.

certificate fmrrc

Top-5 Advantages of a Broker Leading You to Success!

So, we’ve made it completely clear about legal issues and now can move to a closer examination. Main features of Utrader (Utrader reviews can be found on the Internet):

    1. Most precise quotes. It’s not surprising, considering their provider is the great information agency Reuters. What does it mean for us? Controlled risks and guaranteed profits, for sure!
    2. The trading platform Spotoption certified by CySEC. Its features are: comfort, simple design stable work in different browsers. The latter is most important, as lags of platforms are the common reason of money losses.
    3. Wide range of assets – 93 resources. And choice is very rich! 26 currency pairs, stocks of 34 companies, 27 exchange indices and 5 exchange goods! And even an exotic asset – Bitcoin. More information about how trading these assets really goes through the binary option broker may be found here.
    4. Good training materials which can give much new and useful information to anyone, even to me, a very experienced trader. All the materials are divided according to the level of your knowledge and experience. There is a section for novices and handy information for skilled traders. And I recommend you start working with the platform with reading the book about the platform itself.

    binary options trading5.Mobile terminal removing all the limits in trading! It’s very convenient! Because of the terminal perfectly compatible with mobile devices, you can control your order wherever you are.

Crouch Start or How to Start Earning!

So, it’s time to open an account of the broker! For that, the company offers several ways:

1. Start ($300-1,000), giving the right for 50% of greetings-bonus and access for training videos. But there is one interesting moment. Really, the minimal deposit is $200. And, having topped up your account for that sum, you will have all the privileges of Start account users.

2. Silver ($1,001-5,000) with a bonus of up to 100% of the deposit. Additionally, you will have the access to two trading strategies. It will let you examine the market faster and protect yourself from losses.

3. Gold ($5,001-25,000) gladdening with a 120%-bonus. Also, owners of this account have the right to get individual consultations with a financial analyst. Such a professional can give you useful recommendation about further trading. As in case with Silver account, you will get additional training of 2 trading strategies.

4. VIP (from $25,001), where the bonus is equal to grand 150%. Here, studying 4 trading strategies and even more sessions with a personal analyst. Together, you develop the individual trading strategy and create the quarter-plan. Additionally, owners of VIP account have privileges at money withdrawal.


types of broker accounts

I think that Silver account is the most optimal one. Because, having invested $1,000, you receive opportunity to work with $2,000. And this sum is already great for boosting the deposit. And studying trading strategies won’t be excessive. You can top up your account and withdraw funds via Webmoney or online-banking. To master ways of earning, subscribe to our website via the form below.

Get a detailed instruction for earning

Getting Hands in Utrader (Reviews Below)!

Registering and topping up is behind, and now we finally can start trading! The platform of the Utrader doesn’t require to be installed at your device. Besides, it has the implemented advisor helping to make a more accurate forecast of price movement. The indicator of traders’ moods is also very useful. Being guided by it, you can earn quite well.

UTRADER (reviews are welcome in the bottom of the page), offers several kinds of options:

  1. Classic binary options with 20$ of the minimal order and 82% payments. You can choose any assets for trading and set the preferable time of option expiration with a step of a half-hour.classic binary options
  2. Turbo-options. An extremely useful trading tool! Minimal investments there are just 5$ with 70% payments. In my previous article, you can read an article about the unique strategy called “The Bullet” letting you gain in a minute.
  3. Long-term options. Time of expiration can be set up to 10 months. Payments can reach 77%.
  4. Pairs. Which asset will win – silver or gold, euro or dollar? Make a correct forecast and get incomes up to 77%!trading with binary options pairs
  5. “One touch” options. The indispensable tool for those who don’t have enough time to trade in workdays. All you need is just to forecast whether the price of an asset is going to reach some level. And then – wait for incomes which can reach 400% and more. Because of this very function, I have doubled my deposit having spent just a week for it.medium-term and long-term options trading

Additional Opportunities for a Trader!

And even more! You also can manage the open option cutting risks to the minimum:

  • The price steadily goes in the opposite direction from the one you’ve forecasted – select the “Early Closing” and cut losses of trading;
  • Want to wait until a temporary bad-turn dies, but don’t have enough time – prolong time of option expiration;
  • The rate actively goes in needed direction? Double the sum of investments and multiply incomes;

open binary options managing

  • Fear to waste the deposit for a short time – use risk-free orders and get compensations of your losses.

I want to note the level of support for broker’s clients. You can easily get in touch with the Support Desk any preferable and comfortable way: via Skype, online-chat, e-mail or phone. Company employees and financial analysts are reachable 24 hours.
risk-free options orders

How I Multiplied My Wealth Using UTRADER Customer Privileges!

Now I’ll briefly tell you about my collaboration with the broker called UTRADER (reviews about it strongly differ and have contradictory nature). In 2013, I had my first time in topping up my deposit with $7,000. I must say it was my first and last topping up. Further, I needed no additional financial investments.

As expected, I received the Gold-account, 120% of bonuses and the opportunity for consultations with a professional financial analyst. Initially, I was skeptical about it. What can I be taught to by an analyst, if I’m quite experienced and successful already? And I was pleasantly surprised! Yanis gave me a ton of useful information which motivated me to create an efficient trading strategy.

For the first month of trading, I could multiply my deposit which was equal to $15,400 with additional $10,000. With an account of $25,400 I received the VIP-status and unlimited consultations with an analyst. Our consultations, and sometimes even debates and arguments, gave me the plenty of ideas for creating my own trading strategies.

By the end of my first year of trading with UTRADER, I’ve gotten about $100,000 of net profits. I was testing new trading strategies and taking risks too often in those times. My second year was more profitable – my wealth has been increased by another $180,000. Further, I stopped calculating of money withdrawn, being sure in productivity and efficiency of collaborating with UTRADER.

Instead of the Afterword

Now you know another secret of my success. If it proceeds this way, soon we’ll get equal in wealth with you, my dear traders! And, to be serious, never be afraid to try anything new. It is searching for better that leads us to making goals and dreams true.

Use the help of financial analysts for your own development. But also be able to refuse to be supported. Because, without knowledge and skills at analyzing the market yourself, you will never become successful in trading.Register

So, that’s it! I’ve told you everything I knew about UTRADER (reviews invited) service. So, it’s up to you and your choice now. You can either believe me and continue your routine or check what was mentioned at your own experience and multiply your deposit at the same time. Whatever you’ll choose, I want to wish you success in trading. Follow your goal and gain profits!

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