Investing for Beginners with Little Money
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Top 10 Ways Investing for Beginners with Little Money

Top 10 Ways Investing for Beginners with Little Money

Making a sound investment is one of the best decisions that one can make. It does not matter how big or small the investment is, what is important is the vision and action to have an investment running.

Contrary to what many people think, rolling out an investment does not necessarily require a lot of money. Having little money is not a justification to postponing starting an investment. In this light, it is important to explore the various opportunities in investing for beginners with little money.


1. Top 10 Ways Investing for Beginners with Little Money
1.1. Binary options   Pay attention!
1.2. Direct Stock Purchase Plans
1.3. Making Money Online in Investing for Beginners with Little Money  Attend!
1.4. Treasury Securities
1.5. Making Money Through Computer Games

1.6. Peer to Peer Lending/Social Lending
1.7. Exchange-traded Funds in Investing for Beginners with Little Money
1.8. Employer’s Retirement Plan
1.9. Investing in Precious Metal: Gold  Interesting!
1.10. Low-initial- Investment Mutual Funds
2. Conclusion

Top 10 Ways Investing for Beginners with Little Money

Binary Options

Binary options are an ideal opportunity for investing for beginners with little money. The starting point is to identify a reliable broker who is going to make rational decisions in online trading. The next step is to have the right resources with you, the right software for instance.


However, you should be careful not to take a big trade at once, a gradual and an incremental investment process is more practical. Similarly, taking bad losses may kill your dream and leave you disillusioned. Thus, controlling of risks is a matter of paramount importance. In addition to that, you should be careful to choose trades which are not very volatile in nature.

If you feel that starting online trading is difficult for you, consider seeking the assistance of binary options professionals. Furthermore, the internet has a lot of resources on how to do online trading, with free trials.

You can click here for a more comprehensive look on binary options, "Online Trading: Essence, Features, Secrets of Success! How to Make Money as a Speculator?"

Direct Stock Purchase Plans

One of the greatest advantages with this is that an investor bypasses the use of a broker who takes a commission, thus saving money and time. One deals directly with the agents of the company in question or the company itself.

Some companies allow direct stock investment for low fees or even free of charge. Furthermore, some companies offer an automated investment platform, a thing that further reduces your cost of investment and makes it easy for you.

Other companies allow such investors to use their income to invest in more shares in the same trade, again without the intervention of brokers. This further reduces the cost of re-investment and running the trading accounts.


The direct stock purchase plan is more suitable for an investor who has a long term strategy and wants to start low due to financial limitations. However, please note that not all companies offer this service. The business environment sometimes favors the big stock investors at the expense of the small investors.

Making Money Online in Investing for Beginners with Little Money

The invention of the internet led to astounding opportunities in earning an income. Making money online (at the comfort of your home) is now a viable and sustainable investment option, and most importantly, it is allows for investing for beginners with little money or no money at all. All you need is to have a good laptop of computer (or a smart phone) and dependable internet.

Writing articles is one of the most efficient ways of earning an income online. The most advisable thing is to curve out a certain niche and present youself as an expert. Such categories of a niche include business, sports, and health.

You can also earn money online through filling out surveys. In addition to that, there are some companies which outsource some of their services to online working platforms. For example, a company can outsource all of its data entry work to online working platforms.

For more information about this, please visit "How to Make Money Online - TOP-10 Ways and Full-Detailed Review!"

However, you should be in a position to identify online working opportunities that are a scam. For example, if one is asking you for money to get work, it is probably a scam. You should not pay money in order to get work. At the same time, you should not assume that online jobs do not require basic training. Check out your area of specialization and see the requirements in order to prepare yourself for the same.

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Treasury Securities

The government’s treasury securities are one of the safest ways of investing more so in a turbulent market. Though they may not carry higher returns, they are an effective starting point that can springboard you to a higher investment.


Treasury bills are characterized by their simplicity. They mature in less than an year from their date of issue. They are one of the few investment options that is available and convenient to the individual investor. In addition to that, they are considered risk-free in that the government has backed them.

Another reason why treasury securities are attractive to a beginner is that they do not attract taxes. This increases their profit margin. However, one should be patient not to cash out the investment. This is because doing so before the maturity date means that you might not have the entire investment back.

In order to invest in treasury securities, you should check them out at the various auctions. One of the starting points in investing in treasury securities is Treasury Direct.

Making Money Through Computer Games

Most people view playing computer games as a source of entertainment and passing time. This is more common with the millennial generation. Whereas this is so, the right use of computer games can lead to a stable source of income. In fact, it is advisable for a investing for beginners with little money.

A professional game can receive a significant financial reward as well as prizes. Item farming as well as gold trading is common in some video games. You can harvest and consequently sell the gold in the available auction houses.

Market research is a common practice among companies as they seek to evaluate the impact of a product in the market; and the gaming companies are no exception. You can be paid in order to test out the effectiveness of a certain game and its impact. Be sure to give an honest opinion and help the company improve the game if need be.

You can also earn an income through sharing the knowledge that you have about gaming and teaching others. For example, there are parents who desire to give their children good leisure activity- and they will not hesitate to pay you to assist their children. Similarly, some young people have a desire to learn the best gaming practices; and they can as well pay you.

Peer to Peer Lending/Social Lending

Some individuals are locked out from borrowing from financial institutions due to several factors such as bad debt. In such cases, such people turn to individuals in order to get some money. This is a business opportunity which one can exploit- lending money to others, and getting it back with interest at a specified date. Moreover, some individuals will find borrowing money from others a cheaper option than traditional banking.

Peer to peer lending has the advantage of being an easy process. This is because it can be done entirely online- and therefore it carries a lower overhead cost.


However, one should be careful when doing peer to peer lending. This is because, generally, they fall under an unsecured personal loan, If it is done in the right way, and if it is not controlled, it can be a high risk investment option. In this light, you should only lend the people who you think carry a low default rate. This way, you are going to increase the survival of your capital.

For example, Lending Club, was the first one to be registered in peer to peer lending, and it is the largest company in this industry. It has created ample opportunities where borrowers and lenders can meet and discuss how best they can solve their problems. The success of Lending Club opened the way for other peer to peer lending clubs which are making use of these opportunities. Professionals have stated that this industry have a high potential for growth.

Exchange-traded Funds in Investing for Beginners with Little Money

This option deals with the tracking of commodity bonds and index. It is preferred due to its tax-efficiency as well as low cost. It is also preferred due to its advantage in diversifying the portfolio. In addition to that, it has a daily liquidity.

In investing in ETF, one does not need a minimum deposit. In addition to that, one can invest in as little as one can afford, including one share. Another defining thing about ETF is that it carries a high level of transparency- you know exactly what you invest in, and you know exactly what to expect.

Employer’s Retirement Plan

The employer’s retirement plan is ideal for someone who finds minimal chances of making an investment on his or her own. This is because it is offered at a lower cost relative to the market. Employers are keen on retaining their talented employees and reducing turn over- and therefore they will invest in such schemes. Sometimes, the employer’s retirement plan can carry a tax advantage. These includes tax deferment.

The method that is commonly used is automatic deduction from your earnings. Thus, you will never fail to pay the contributions. You make the decision of the contribution to make (of course determined by the legal limit). You are at liberty to change the amount of contribution but at specific dates.

This method of investment cushions you from creditors. This is because they cannot reach your contributions and savings in order to recover their debt.

Investing in Precious Metal: Gold

Gold is a durable metal and has many useable applications. Due to the unstable nature of cash and banks, gold has been regarded as a stable alternative. When other forms of investment are vulnerable to inflation, gold carries a stable value. Regardless of the prevailing conditions, it has never lost its value.

The demand for precious metal such as gold is increasing. However, it is good that you carry out comprehensive research about the choice of your precious metal. One should be careful when investing in them because they are very volatile- and this can be the success or failure when dealing with them. You might also incur other costs in investing in precious metal. For example, if you buy bullion or coins, you need a good safe where you can store them.

There are many opportunities where you can invest in precious metal. For a start, please check, "Types of Gold! Hallmarks, Quality Standards and Ways of Earning!"

Low-initial- Investment Mutual Funds

These types of funds do not require as much money as the ordinary mutual funds. There allow an investor to invest in both bonds and stocks in a single transaction. This makes it attractive for someone who is looking for a chance for investing for beginners with little money.


The difficult thing with mutual funds is that they may require a minimum. This might be a great hindrance to your investment decision. The way out of this is to make an effort to make an automatic monthly investment; through this, the company you want to invest with may waive the minimum. This can be done through payroll savings. If you are employed, contact the human resource department on the best way of investing in low amount mutual funds.


If you keen on postponing an investment decision, you might never invest. You will be amazed at how time passes by. The best thing to do is to look for ways in investing for beginners with little money and start as soon as you can.

It is important that you read the stories of others and how they made it. For example, some people were able to build an empire from a scratch. Such stories, however different they seem to be, carry a number of characteristics: they show persistence, being bold, patience, risk control, and the ability to make wise decisions. Overall, making an investment decision, however small it is, will secure your future financial prospects.

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