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Top 10 Best Investment Returns in South Africa 2016

Top 10 Best Investment Returns in South Africa 2016

Best investment returns in South Africa are not hard to find if you are updated with the latest trends. For many, the phrase “investment returns” sounds confusing because of the plethora of options to choose from; and for many, this sounds fearful because of having lost their hard earned money earlier, in a scam. However, with proper guidance anyone can become a smart and confident investor.

South Africa is a country where the economy is on the rise more than ever before. Anyone who can look forward to make investments here shall reap huge returns in reward. But, that will only come about with proper guidance, effective planning, practice, self-discipline and most importantly—patience.

This article has been written for those who really want to invest in South Africa, but are confused as to when, where and how. If you have been looking for these answers, then you can put all your doubts, fears and worries behind; and join us as we lift the curtain and present to you the best secured places to invest in. You will be amazed at how quickly you can multiply your sources of income.


1. Best Investment Returns in South Africa
1.1. Bet Your Skills in Binary Options Pay attention!
1.2. Leverage Your Income with Forex Trading
1.3. PAMM Accounts  Attend!
1.4. Build Your Own Website
1.5. Gold  Pay attention!

1.6. Peer to Peer Lending
1.7. Information Business
1.8. Webinars
1.9. Reseller Web Hosting
1.10. Freelancing
2. Conclusion

Top 10 Best Investment Returns in South Africa

The ten of the best investment options given hereunder will expand your awareness. For example, you might have had heard of investing in gold, but you personally never did so because of lack of knowledge. After taking our advice, you will be confident in investing in gold from here onwards. You will get all your answers here and your income is sure to increase.

Bet Your Skills in Binary Options

Best investment returns in South Africa have Binary Options in their list as a very simple and fun type of investment, but one which requires skills. Please do not worry. We are not talking about rocket science in here. By “skills,” we mean the skills to technically analyze a chart; and reading the fundamental movements of the assets, that you have invested in.


If you have never tried Binary Options before, then we suggest that you read the highly informative article Trading for Beginners! Top-5 Tips Insuring Profitable Trading For You! With this article you will be able to make a checklist of the things you need to understand and do, before you begin investing in Binary options. Laying a good foundation of knowledge, leads one into making informed decisions.

To begin your Binary Options trading, open an account with a registered broker in South Africa. Then, setup the required software or web based platform with a login id and a password. Master all the basic information of binary options trading strategies, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Then, choose your trading instrument, like: currencies, stocks, commodities, etc. and place a bet on either high price or low price within a stipulated time frame. If the market moves in your favor, you get a payout else you lose your bet amount in the trade. For more guidance on successful trading, please read the wonderful article Online Trading: Essence, Features, Secrets of Success! How to Make Money as a Speculator?

Binary Options’ huge payouts are considered as one of the best investment returns in South Africa. Take full advantage of winning more than 80% payout on each bet amount in Binary options trading.

Leverage Your Income with Forex Trading

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange, and its leveraged profits are one of the best investment returns in South Africa. It is a business where currencies are exchanged based on their values. To open a Forex Trading account, you have to follow much of the same steps as mentioned above for Binary Options. However, in Forex you trade currencies on their exchange value; unlike Binary Options where bets are placed on the direction of movement of assets in the markets.

In Forex, currency pairs will be your trading instruments. For example, EUR/USD is a pair where you can buy or sell Euro with US Dollars. Similarly, USD/ZAR is a pair where you can buy or sell US Dollars with the South African Rand. Basically you buy a pair’s lot when it reaches its lowest price and then sell it when it reaches its highest. In this way, we can consider Forex as one of the best investment returns in South Africa.

However, the best part of Forex remains leverage.’ It is one of those features that has encouraged small investors. Leverage is provided by the broker and is always measured in ratios. For example, a leverage of 500:1 means that your broker will put in 500 times the amount of your margin. So, with a $200 account and 500:1 leverage, you can trade a standard lot worth 100,000 units of currency. Imagine the profit gained for 100,000 units of currency with just a small investment of $200. Wouldn’t you consider this as one of the best investment returns in South Africa?

If you would like to invest in the Forex market by reaching an informed decision, then please read Forex Trading For Beginners! 3 Simple Steps to Success!

PAMM Accounts

The acronym PAMM stands for the Percent Allocation Management Module. It is an option for those who want to be a part of the investment industry, but do not want to trade the instruments themselves; nor do they want to monitor live charts, discover strategies, place trades, etc. They are rather interested in investing their money with a professional trader and share the profits earned.


PAMM has become a popular feature in Forex trading with almost every broker establishing their own web based PAMM platform. As an investor, you login to your account and choose from a list of skilled and experienced traders who you want to trade your money. The percentage of your share in the total investment yields that particular percentage of profit for you.

Let us consider an example to make it clearer. You are operating a PAMM account and you’ve chosen a skilled trader who manages to get in 25% average returns on every trade. The trader receives $100,000 to trade where you’ve put in $25,000 and Investor B has put in $75,000. The trader executes the trade and manages to bring in $125,000. In the profit of $25,000, you’ll receive (25% of 25,000) $6,250 in return whereas Investor B will receive $18,750.

PAMM accounts in Forex trading have opened gateways for anyone to invest in the currency market, irrespective of their knowledge or interest toward currencies. You can read How to Make Money Online – Top-10 Ways and Full-Detailed Review!  to get more knowledge on investing in PAMM accounts. You will surely consider it as one of the best investment returns in South Africa.

Build Your Own Website

Internet Marketing has become the New Age thing in the field of marketing. The investment includes: building a professional website, getting a content written for the product(s), and hosting it on a dedicated server. After which, the only future investment would be to renew the server’s rent after 3-5 years. You need to select a niche like “European Smartphones.” Then look out for vendors looking for affiliates to sell their European Smartphones.

Once you sign up with a vendor as an affiliate, the vendor will provide you will digital ad banners of the European Smartphone products. All you have to do is write SEO optimized content for the European Smartphone that you are selling, attach the banner and you are all set.

People looking to buy European Smartphones, will search for it on a search engine and land on your website. If your content is persuasive then the customer buys it and you get a commission from the sales. You have to build the website only once and then keep adding products and improve the SEO standards.

Another thing to consider is that you will have to make landing pages as well. Landing pages basically get embedded in others’ websites or forums to promote your product or the products you are promoting. Commissions from promoting others’ products through your very own website can be considered as one of the best investment returns in South Africa. For more information on getting started with websites for earning money, please read the informative article Practical Tutorial: Ways to Make Money Online. Top-10 Methods!


Trading gold is probably one the most ancient forms of investment strategy. Since ancient times, gold has been associated with the rich people in the society. In fact, some European countries and America had their currencies backed by gold. However, today the style of trading gold has changed substantially. What place could better than the world’s largest producer of gold—South Africa.


The South African government has amended their legislation which allows individuals to conduct retail trade of Gold in South Africa. Gold is traded in the Gold Market, which, like the Forex market is open 24x7. Trading Gold in South Africa does not require a trader’s time or presence as Gold is not traded physically as a commodity, but rather through options or contracts.

The money you invest in Gold will be subjected to the same scenario as your currencies go through, except that volatility of gold is very low. Also, the sudden rise or drop in currencies or stocks does not affect the price of gold. Many times you might find gold going in the opposite direction of the Forex or Stock Markets.

If you are looking to trade gold as a physical asset, then you need to make an investment while the prices are low, and then sell the gold when the prices are high. You need to make sure that you have invested in Hallmark Gold which is a standardized form of gold defining its purity and according to the purity the price is set. To know more about Gold Hallmark and how trading gold can be one of the best investment returns in South Africa, please read the informative article Types of Gold! Hallmarks, Quality Standards and Ways of Earning!

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Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is a relatively new concept introduced through the internet. It is a simple online platform where a network is established between people who need money and people who are willing to offer money for an added interest in return. In this process the middlemen or credit providers.

In 2011, South Africa accounted that 2% of its economy came and developed from the internet in which R59 billion was transacted yearly by consumers. Peer to Peer Lending is a part of this online industry. So, it does not matter whether you need money or you want to invest your money, Peer to Peer Lending will prove to be highly beneficial to you.

In Peer to Peer Lending some consumers provide loans to those who need it and at the same time borrow money from someone else. This not only secures the loan, but also provides an individual to trade money as it is done in the stock markets.

In the online world, investors need security before they can lend the money to anyone. For such instances, provisions are made wherein a strict credit vetting process takes place which investigates and validates the borrower’s credit record details and then displays the risk level associated with the borrower. Lower risk levels mean the lender’s money is going to go in safe hands. Peer to Peer Lending is one of the best investment returns in South Africa, as it provides higher rates of interest than banks provide and the borrower’s risk level can be assessed in advance.

Information Business

We all use the internet for collecting information. Gone are the days, when one had to go to a public library to gain information on their concerned subject(s). These days it is available with just a click. If you specialize in a particular field of knowledge, then you can make a lot of money by providing people with the knowledge that they seek in your field.


Let us take an example again. Supposing you are an expert flamenco guitarist and you have a lot of information to share on playing flamenco guitars. You might not know, but with Information business, you can make a lot of money just by selling information on Flamenco. You can create products like videos, presentations, eBooks, newsletters, etc related to flamenco.

Host your website and distribute free newsletters for those who sign up. Of course, wannabe flamenco guitarists would sign up for your newsletters. Through these newsletters promote your eBooks or videos that you have made on the topic of flamenco. This is totally different from affiliate marketing where you promote others’ products. In information business, all the products are designed by you.

Over time, you will become a brand on the internet for your products and selling millions a day won’t be a tough task.

If you have specialized knowledge and skills in a particular body of knowledge, then utilize your unique talents in the Information Business as it is one of the best investment returns in South Africa. And do not forget about becoming a brand down the lane.


Webinars are somewhat of an investment like information business, with a few differences. When you sell your webinar, you do it for a live audience. So, to keep earning money you need to keep updating the information in your required field every now and then.

If you are an expert Psychologist, then prepare 12 different webinars on different topics of Psychology. Build a website and promote yourself as a Psychologist. Share news in your blog or website about the latest findings in Psychology. In that way, your followers will rely on you more than their professors or teachers at the college.

To build a webinar business, you would need a website/blog, presentation software, and a webinar hosting service. The webinar hosting services have proprietary tools that they give you out on rental basis to host your webinars. Just prepare your presentation and make announcements in your website, blog, social media and newsletters about your upcoming blog.

Announce the time of webinar hosting and also provide a time converter. Provide the consumer three or more different times to choose from to watch the webinar. The popularity of your webinar will depend on the information you are giving and the simplicity with which you are explaining it.

If you think you can prepare lectures and lessons continually on your specialized field of knowledge, then there are thousands of hungry students ready to pay you for this service on an ongoing basis. Give it a try and surely you will consider webinar hosting as one of the best investment returns in South Africa.

Reseller Web Hosting

When you rent a hosting domain for a website, you get an allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host your website. Generally you will buy a standard annual, three year or five year plan to keep your website running. The service provider also gives a convenient control panel through which you can install blog services and their exclusive plug-ins to promote your website and products. In case, you decide not to use that particular website anymore, you can sell it to someone else for the remaining time left on the server.


Many people want to go online with their business, but not everyone can afford the cost of hosting services after paying hefty amounts to the website designer and content writer. You can come into this picture and buy a wholesale rented service from the host. When you buy anything in the wholesale, you usually get more in a lesser price. This is your domain for profiting from this business.

Let us assume that you are in the website designing business. You are already earning a handsome amount of money from your projects. What if you could provide just one extra service and earn money effortlessly? For example, you rent a web hosting service for five years in wholesale. Of course, you won’t need that extra space or server, but you have already bought it and therefore must utilize it.

When designing a website for a client, show them your offer that if the client goes anywhere else to host his website it will cost him much more than what you are offering. Reselling Web Host Services is one of the best investment returns in South Africa and it is so easy that you should be exploiting it.


Last, but not the least is freelancing. Freelancing is a small scale business where an individual or a group offers specialized services, e.g. website building, copywriting, advertising, etc. Freelancing is mostly seen as an exchange of service, but herein, we will look at it from the point of view of investment.

Times have changed and so has the working pace of mankind. Clients give a certain limit of time for completion of a project. To be able to bring out the best in the project in a lesser time; and to stand out in the industry, freelancers have to invest in the latest gadgets and software programs to get their job done.

A website designer has to invest in a web designing software, a copywriter has to invest in word processors and marketers have to invest in SEO software programs. Apart from software programs, latest information on technological developments is needed. For this, an authoritative website’s subscription has to be taken to learn foregoing skills of the industry.

Once the computer, original software programs and tutorials have been bought, you can list yourself in online forums to grab yourself freelancing jobs. These are not regular jobs. In reality, by functioning and operation, freelancing is pure business, and a profitable one.

Freelancing is becoming one of the best investment returns in South Africa due to the fact that people can join based on their talent and search clients on their own. Just like any other business, freelancing might take a few months to pick up, but once it reaches its optimum heights, you will consider it to be the best investment in yourself.



The best inestment advice ever given is, “Never lose money.” It is being hoped that one or more ideas presented here inspired you into thinking of investing in South Africa with expectations of huge profits. Apart from ideas, there are many more things one needs to do to become successful.

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