Best Binary Options Strategy for 60-Second Options!
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The 60-Second Best Binary Options Strategy – Secrets of Successful Trading!

The 60-Second Best Binary Options Strategy – Secrets of Successful Trading!


1.Instead of Foreword!
2.“The Bullet” strategy – Gain Income at Reckless Speed!
2.1. How To Use “The Bullet” In Binary Options Trading?
2.2. The Step-By-Step Instruction!
3. Counting Profits or How Much Can One Earn for A Minute.
4. Now You Have A Rod – Just Catch Your Big Fish!

Greetings, dear traders! I’m glad to see you again at PAMM-Trade! It’s John Foster and today I’m going to tell you about how to transform your faults to advantages, and even gain some with it. You can ask me – is it possible? I am to give you a detailed answer to this question during the article. Today the headline of my article is the unique one of the best binary options strategy for 60-second options – “The Bullet”.

Millions of pages bear texts about how emotions can badly affect traders’ work. In the previous post, I made an illustrative example of a situation telling how much can a weak moment cost.

For long years I was fighting with mu impulsiveness and an itch for gaining immediately, without hours of waiting. And a moment for an insight has come one day! Why on Earth should I struggle with this furious energy, if I can earn with it? Why to be under a terrific stress watching the trend falling backward, while I can just get incomes using those market movements?

 Instead of Foreword

Years of trading with binary options made me sure in an unshakeable rule – most precise signals can be extracted from short timeframes (1 minute and 5 minute). The only problem is that these signals are so many and they change so often that you must use all the attention to analyze them all! So trading at short timeframes fits only those who want strong dynamics and fast changes in trading. For more conservative traders, I offer the long-term strategy “Secret Ally”.
signals for trading

A picture shows 3 most important figures of candlestick analysis appearing for a half-hour. Initially, there is the “Three Rivers” figure standing for the upward change of a trend. At this very time, before forming the mentioned figure, there comes the Doji candle “Gravestone”. It tells the upward-movement of a tendency is over. And further, there is the Doji candle “Dragon”, signalizing about a new upward-trend getting stronger. And we can realize that every signal has its affirmation, i.e. is right. If you want to master the science of technical analysis better, I recommend you to study this article.

Based on data about reliability of signals at short timeframes, I’ve created and tested a unique and one of the best binary options strategies for 60-second options. It lets you gain from buying minute-options. And I want to share it with you in this material. But you may ask yourself now: “What for would a successful trader just reveal their secrets for nothing? Is there any logical reason for preparing competitors for your own business?”

So, I can answer. Firstly, I believe our good deeds and works return with favor in future to all of us. Secondly, I’m so experienced that I want to share knowledge with others. You will have enough obstacles on your way of trading. So why won’t I make it a bit easier for you, if I’m able to? Because I know firsthand about how painful downs at this business can be.

“The Bullet” strategy – Gain Income at Reckless Speed!

The price, just like a tennis ball, bounces from lines of resistance and support. But sometimes this ball transforms into a charged bullet and breaks the line through. And we are interested in such “defense ruptures”.

A situation when a mighty trend almost lost its power breaks the line of resistance or support, perfectly suits the accurate market entrance. Because the probability of trend’s falling back is near 95%. This very percent of efficiency has been shown by “The Bullet” strategy for 3 months of testing.


As you can see, a picture shows a bullish trend, breaking firstly the support line, and then the resistance line. It’s a clear signal for us that bulls are getting weaker, and at any moment bears will claim their positions back. And we’ll have interest from it!

 How To Use “The Bullet” In Binary Options Trading?

Features of using one of the best binary options strategy for 60-second options:

  1. The best currency for trading this way is the EUR/USD pair. It’s inclined to a trend more than others, which is very important for exact and perfect market entrance. And daily trend at this quote changes twice a day at the average. It gives more opportunities of using our trading strategy.
  2. “The Bullet” requires high reaction rate, that’s why it’s mostly based on technical analysis. But you still should know the main fundamental information about the quote. At least, you have to be guided by a time when important news are published. Because in those very periods a sharp and abrupt jumps at the chart take place, which are indispensable for us.
  3. For trading using this strategy we will need the skill to build lines of resistance and support. It’s the key moment which “The Bullet” trading strategy is based on. I will tell you further about how to use it.

The Step-By-Step Instruction for the Best Binary Options Strategy!

1.As for the first step, you have to register at a binary options broker service. I was testing my strategy working with several ones, but the best results were gotten during collaboration with Utrader. This is the international company providing some of the most profitable conditions for traders. The minimal deposit there is just $200, and option payments are 70%. When registered, just top up your deposit and start trading!

Utrader broker terminal

2. Further, you should install special software – the trading terminal on your PC or another device. The best one is repeatedly tested by millions of traders MetaTrader 4 terminal. It can be downloaded at BelforFx broker’s website. Just follow the link: After the program is installed, you will be offered to create a new account at a broker’s service or to sing in for the existing one. For novices, I recommend to get acquainted in details with the “Instruction for Trading”. It will help you to avoid most mistakes.

MetaTrader 4 platform

3. Further operations during trading we will make at the terminal. The first step of “The Bullet” strategy is to define the direction of the daily trend. You must recognize the direction of today’s trading with a currency pair – upward or downward. For that, switch the chart to a 15 minute timeframe, as the image shows. After that, find the opening price – this is the beginning of the first candlestick after the line dividing periods. Then, compare this mark with the ask line (level of the demand price) at the chart. In this case, the demand price is higher than the opening price. It means that the quote has been moving upward since the trading day has started, forming a bullish daily trend. If the ask line lies below the opening price, the currency pair is being traded in the bearish tendency. Our main objective at this stage is to build a trend line, clearly indicating the direction of the trend. For that, click “Insert” – “Lines” – “Trendline” and draw a line at bottoms of candlesticks at the chart in case of the bullish trend, or at tops is the trend is bearish.trendline


4. The next step toward successful trading is building resistance and support lines. They are lines forming a “passage” which most candlesticks are in. They can be easily recognized with shadows (tails) of bars, which sometimes break the borders of the passage. You can find reliable information about lines of resistance and support at your broker’s website. And before drawing lines, switch to a minute timeframe (M1). lines of support and resistance

5. Now, when we have discovered where the trend moves to and where our resistance and support lines are, we just have to wait and analyze market signals. We need situations, when the price moving according to a daily trend, breaks the line of resistance or support. Because in most cases, after the mighty “defense rupture”, the trend fizzles out and the market rolls back. And we are going to gain with those very drawbacks!
At the image below, we can see that a strong bullish trend breaks through the support line and then the resistance line. It’s the great sign that bulls are going to die, and the market will go in the opposite direction for a while. The correctness of our assumption is affirmed by three “falling” black candlesticks formed after the breach of the resistance line.

resistance line breakthrough

6. After the resistance line is broken during the uptrend (as it is in the image above), we need to buy a put option. And otherwise (as it is in the image below), when the bearish trend breaks the support line – we should buy a call option.
binary options trading

During the downtrend pictured above, we open a Call Turbo-option for 60 seconds and get incomes in a minute! We can buy 2-3 options of this kind in a row. The most reliable situations to enter the market come when the price breaks the line after several unsuccessful attempts. It’s a signal that the current tendency is fizzled out for some time. You can see the screenshot of a deal made with one of the best binary options strategy for 60-second options below.

profit with binary options

Counting Profits or How Much Can One Earn for A Minute

The amount of our profit will directly depend on the cost of a binary option. I recommend starting with moderate investments - $100 or $250.
At the average, a broker pays 70% of profits from a deal. We can easily calculate that we will make $170 from $100 for a minute, and $425 from $250. So, having opened 2 options in a row, we are able to gain $340-850. And even in case when the first deal gives no profit, the following one will cover the loss.

Entering the market 2-3 times a day, we have an opportunity to gain from $680 to $2,550. Considering the percentage of unsuccessful orders, we can double the $10,000 deposit for 1-2 weeks. But let’s be realistic! Because often there are days when the market moves sideways, and it’s completely impossible to earn with tendency rollbacks. “The Bullet” strategy’s value is that even with the most negative forecast, it can provide us with the average salary of a financial manager which is equal to $120,000 a year.

Never forget about the rules of money-management! They are indispensable for every trader!

In order to get known about possible ways of gaining, feel free to subscribe via the form below.

Get a detailed instruction for earning

 Now You Have A Rod – Just Catch Your Big Fish!

So, this is it! “That simple? Just a minute and profits in the pocket?” – this is the way you can think now. Yes! You are exactly right! This one of the best binary options strategy for 60-second options perfectly fits novices and experienced traders. Just try! And you will make sure yourself that this stuff really works. And now another thought about it I want to share with you. Studying in the college, I was asking myself for many times: what differs me from people who could reach success in this life? From those guys who ride luxurious automobiles bought for their own money? And you know, I found the answer! I am differed by the way I perceive myself. And I stopped being scared of fails, and learned to benefit from them. I believe you can also do like me! Because, to become successful in trading, you just need to forget about laziness and analyze the market! But you surely can continue wasting time at social networks staring at photos made at expensive resorts! And you can start trading with binary options and make yourself shining at those photos in several months!


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