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Professional Scalping Strategy! 9/10 Profit Signals!

Professional Scalping Strategy! 9/10 Profit Signals!

Hi, friends. It’s John Foster and at this time I am to tell you about the unique forex scalping strategy. Why is it so unique? Just because this is the one fundamental analysis trading strategy approachable for novices. Fundamentals are usually more accurate and profitable than technical ones, but can be gotten fully only by a professional – and not for everyone. However, it’s quite easy to trade with news, having studied the algorithm described here and following all trading laws. So, let’s start.


1.What Hinders Novices to Earn with News?
2.How to Use Forex Strategy “News Scalp”?
3.Pending Orders Trading!
4.Can You Use Boosts with News?
5.Several Points About Scalping


What Hinders Novices to Earn with News?

Here’s the sound question: why few earn with this strategy, though it’s so profitable and easy? The matter is most traders use the scalping incorrectly, set Stop Losses wrong and eventually lose money. News-trading is quite simple, nevertheless you cannot start without some training. Want to earn – drill the instruction and follow the rules I am giving for you.

If you decide to enter the market on the wrong news or forget to Stop counting on yourself, you’ll be supposed to suffer losses. News are unpredictable and you never can be sure how the market reflects. News impulses often exceed 30 points in size. It can lead to profits by correct action, or to losses by trading system rules breaking.

How to Use Forex Strategy “News Scalp”?

You don’t need any indicators or assistants – they’re unnecessary. Before trading, disable all the tools on the graph so as to not to get distracted by conflicting signals.

Step 1! Choose the currency pair to work with and start the minute-ranged graph. You’d better choose the most popular rates because they have most news.

Step 2! Open “Economic Calendar”. It facilitates working and allows trading on the news, even for a novice. Previously, traders had to watch foreign news bulletins, but today information is displayed as a handy table, pictured below.Forex-Scalping-Strategy-2

Step 3! Let’s begin to trade. Searching for an important news of your currency’s country. For instance, we are interested in US and UK news, having chosen the pound-dollar pair. If you choose euro – be advised about European activity, such as of Germany or France.

Important news are marked as 3 bull heads – pay attention for them. Other news have very low impact and are not so noteworthy for the rate and for us.

Step 4! When the news is found – wait for the info output, the time for it is in the Calendar. Once the data is out – enter the market in news direction. Here is a danger for novices, so let me make something clear:

  • Every news is a digital index, expressed as a percentage, money sum, etc. But do not think that if it has risen - the currency will also increase, because news can be very differed. If, for example, US GDP rose, the dollar will continue to grow, but if unemployment rate increased – it will fall. To stay confident in right market entering, click on the news and read the hint. It will tell you how the national news affects currency behavior.
  • You should compare the published (current) figure with the expected one (the middle column), but not with the previous one. For example, if US GDP grew by 4% last quarter, being expected to grow by 3% but fell by 3.5%, dollar is most likely to grow, though the previous figure is higher than the current one.
  • Note that you don’t trade with one currency but with a pair – with the ratio of currencies. News of both countries affect your graph, at that news of one of them affects in direct way, and news of the other – in inverse one. Let’s display it at the example:Forex-Scalping-Strategy-3

Trading with USD/GBF, the rate will rise due to US GDP growth, and fall if UK GDP grows. Keep it in mind when scalpingthe news while trading. If your currency is in the denominator of the pair, then overturn your forecast and follow the opposite direction from the news.

Step 5! Leaving the market, regardless of the result, after 1-2 minutes after the news publishing, because in most cases here goes the change of the rate which can be bigger than the one of the selected news.

StopLoss is necessary to be set within 15 points from the open position. TakeProfit is optional, but not closer than 25 points from the open position. Sometimes profit from the news impulse hardly pays off the spread, and sometimes it can reach hundreds of points, just like in a medium-term and even a long-term deal.

Pending Orders Trading!

To insure your risks you can enter by a news with pending orders. For that, follow these steps:

  1. Setting 2 pending orders a minute before the news publishing: one for buying, another - for selling. The first one must be 5 points higher than the current price, another one - 5 points lower.
  2. Stops for both orders should be set within 10 points from each of them.
  3. Once the news is published and one of the orders is activated by price, another order must be deleted. Then you can set TakeProfit for the remaining one. After that, you trade according to ordinary rules.

Why are we doing this? Sometimes the single news doesn't affect the market, even if indices are higher or lower than expected. In this case price doesn't activate the pending order, and you save money on brokers' spread surely taken for the open position. Also, such trading is by far more comfortable because you must open a new position in a few seconds after the news is published - which is quite difficult with emotions. But the most important graph movements emerge in first seconds after the news appears.

Can You Use Boosts with News?

In the previous strategy - «Scalper» - I have thoroughly described deposit boost technique. There’s no need for repeating all the stuff – just showing the steps:

  1. We enter the market stuck to ordinary rules, but instead of closing the order 2 minutes later we create a new one with opposite direction and doubled volume.Forex-Scalping-Strategy-4


  1. Move Stop for the first positionopened toward the news, to the breakeven (the level position was opened at). And make the second position moved on 15 points from the current price.
  2. Experience shows that there is 75%-chance for a positive profitable recoil from doubled order. Once price passes 15 points against the news – we close both positions and relax with double profits. Even if our forecast fails and price continues moving towards the news, we do not lose anything, because the loss from the second order pays off the profit from the first one.

Pay precise attention, that the deposit boosting is recommended for experienced traders only. For newbies, I advise working without it and get hand in.

Several Points About Scalping

To make the forex scalping strategy "News Scalp" yet more profitable, I can advise to keep these points in mind:

  • Most trading signals emerge during the American and European market sessions.
  • If you trade with EUR/USD - follow only US news. European news affect the market weakly, because euro is used by several countries. Interest rate and annual GDP growth are exceptions for this rule.
  • Most brokers' graphs can lag when news are published - it can decrease the efficiency of trading. Forex4you, GrandCapital and other major companies have advanced servers in their disposal - so I recommend you to open deposits there.


So, today we've looked into the unique "News Scalp" forex trading strategy. It can be used even by a newbie, but you should precisely follow the whole instruction to gain more profits. Yet another advice: trade with several currency pairs - thus you'll be able to open more positions. On the average, there is 1 important news published for each currency per day. Sometimes nothing appears, so to earn 80% of your original deposit per month, you should open at least 2-3 positions a day.

The accuracy of the strategy is 9/10 true signals - so you can exceed money-management limits with it and engage 10-15% of your deposit in a single deal.

Good luck and good profits for all of you!

Best Regards, John Foster.


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