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Practical Tutorial: Ways to Make Money Online. TOP-10 Methods!

Practical Tutorial: Ways to Make Money Online. TOP-10 Methods!


2. Way #1. Online Job for those who have too much spare time and no activity
3. Way #2. Computer games – not only the Entertainment!
4. Way #3. Ways to Make Money Online with Gambling

5. Way #4. Content Exchanges – It’s Possible To Make Money Online without Investment!
5.1. Rewriting: how to increase uniqueness?
5.2. Secrets of copywriting
5.3. Interpreting: improve your proficiency!
5.4. Posting - the simplest way of working with texts!

6. Way #5. Making Money Online as a Freelancer
7. Ways of Making Money Online with Uploading Files (Way #6)
8. Way #7. How to Make Money Online Having Your Own Website?
9. Way #8. How to Make Money Attracting Referrals
10. Way #9. Trading at the Exchange – A Fraud or Way to Get Wealthy?
11. Way #10. Remote Working for a Company
12. How to Get Earned Money?

In recent times, more and more people have been looking for ways to make money online. Most consider it’s impossible. In the fullness of time, I though the same. But, as a young mom on maternity leave, I hoped and was searching further. Finally, the solution was found. Let’s put everything in order: we are to examine all the probable variants.


First, I want to look into methods of swindling. Cheaters are not tired of making money on those who need a job. There are lots of ways for it. And the one result – you won’t get a job but definitely lose your money.
In my time, I came across with numerous advertisements about the opportunity of making money online. They were converting scanned text into typed; assembling of pens; packing envelopes and so on. Recently, some offers to make money with no efforts have appeared: register on the website, and money will start flowing into your account. Advertisements of such scams appear everywhere – at different forums, in articles about making money online, via e-mail and even on websites with job offers. Fraud schemes can be various, but they have common features:

• Promises of enormous profits for too short period;
• Masked request of investing money: payment for educational materials, guarantee deposit and so on;
• Employer doesn’t reply to questions, while they just praise the job advertisement.

Remember that too simple online job cannot be paid for solidly. Nobody will pay enormous money. It’s not difficult to check whether the employer belongs to cheating scheme: read feedbacks for it on the Internet. The following method also works: tell about your strong desire to work but mention it’s impossible for you to invest any money at the moment, and ask the employer to take needed money fro your first wages. Cheater won’t reply anything to such message.

Way #1. Online Job for those who have too much spare time and no activity

Most people, looking for ways to make money online, meet surfing, insertion of CAPTCHAs, reading messages. Somebody can call these variants fraud. But it’s wrong. The matter is money is paid for such job, but it’s too insignificant.
ways of making money online
In my time, when I spent great time for commute to the main job (about 1.5 hours one way), I tried these ways on the smartphone. The conclusion is simple: all of them let you make money online without investment, but this money is tiny. For an hour of work, you can earn not more than 30 cents.
A bit more you can earn participating in different marketing surveys. In this case, after registering on the special website, you will receive invitations to fill out different surveys via e-mail. Depending on difficulty and time taken for responses, you can get $0.5-1 for a single poll. You are not liked to earn for living this way. Nevertheless, such variants have their successors. They suit those who cannot do absolutely anything. It’s a quite good way for pupils and students an alternative for computer games.

Way #2. Computer games – not only the Entertainment!

Most gamers try to transform their passion into the way of making money. Today, the industry of online games is developed perfectly. With that, not all users want to spend too much time for promoting their characters.
It’s used by those who can and love to play. They create new accounts at gaming servers and develop them. With that, players gain rating, collect different artifacts, achieve certain level without investment of real funds. After reaching the certain gaming level, they advertise selling of their account on the Internet.
It’s quite difficult to make fast money this way. In fact, you will need to spend time not only for developing the account, but also for searching for a purchaser, which will agree to pay for it.

Way #3. Ways to Make Money Online with Gambling

Most advertise websites for playing poker, betting offices and online-casinos as the way of making money. But, as for me, I consider this method too suspicious. If you are venturesome, you won’t be able to stop even in case of a great win. As a result, the whole fortune can be wasted.
Non-venturesome people can be recommended to double their bets. Therefore, if you lose, bet the amount twice higher. However, the majority of online-casino don’t let you perform it. Surely, if you want to try – take a risk. But I didn’t hear any story about a man that managed to make a casino go bankrupt, having won a solid amount from it.

Way #4. Content Exchanges – It’s Possible To Make Money Online without Investment!

Searching for ways to make money online, I came across with content exchanges. Having at least minimal knowledge at some field, you can sell you text quite profitably there. But in this case, you will have to work hard and much.
There are several ways of working with texts:
• Rewriting;
• Copywriting;
• Interpreting (translation);
• Posting.
content exchange

Rewriting: how to increase uniqueness?

When ordered a text for a rewriting, a customer will provide you with the original material that must be retold to increase its uniqueness. You must be very careful if the theme of text is narrowly specialized. Due to lack of knowledge at indispensable terms, there will come the difficulty with synonymizing. Problems with rewriting occur with recipes and accounting texts.

Secrets of copywriting 

If you engage copywriting, then you won’t get any original materials from the client. The article in this case is written from nothing, based on your personal knowledge and material from several Internet-resources.

Interpreting: improve your proficiency!

I think, it’s quite obvious with interpreting. For translating, you will need very good proficiency in some foreign language. Besides, rewriting in English is very popular nowadays. In this case, you get the original material in English and have to rewrite in the same language.

Posting - the simplest way of working with texts!

In this method, you won’t need to compose anything yourself. The customer provides you with some text block, which must be posted on certain websites. This job is the simplest, but it’s paid the same way.
Examining ways of making money online, you should stop at working with text materials – one of the most demanded types of online job. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t think you will get solid money, having just registered on a website providing mediator’s services at creating content. If you decide to start writing, you will have to make considerable efforts.

There are more doers than customers at exchanges. That’s why, you will always have to prove you are the best to delegate the single work. It’s important to improve your proficiency continually: pass different exams, complete orders on time, increasing your rating.
Before the online job like this starts giving you decent incomes, you will have to make solid efforts and merit your reputation. A little tip for novices: don’t work for low payments. They take too much time for their completion, while incomes for them are too insignificant.

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Way #5. Making Money Online as a Freelancer

If you have good knowledge at some field, you may try yourself as a freelancer. The following specialties are the most demanded in this business:

-Creation of graphics
-Accounting and tax consultations
-Creation of websites
quotes about success
As with composing articles, there are different freelance exchanges for searching for customers. You may find orders interesting for you and start completing them. In order to acquire real making money online as a freelancer, you need to learn and develop yourself continually.
Recently, different online consultations have increased their popularity. They can be not only tips in accounting and taxes, but also tutorship, development of educational programs. Those who have skills at teaching, can create a website offering services at writing tests, term papers and theses.
If you have rich experience in photographing, try to upload the result of your work at the photo exchange. With that, the important point is to make sure your shots are high-quality and unique.

Those who have skills at selling, try to make money with organization of common purchases. It’s needed to spend much time for advertising. With that, one will need to engage social networks, boards and other ways for attracting clients. It’s also needed to find an accommodation for temporary keeping of goods, organize their shipment to remote clients and delivery within the city.

Ways of Making Money Online with Uploading Files (Way #6)

Looking for ways to make money online with uploading files? Try file exchanges. In this case, a user, having registered on the site, uploads different files there. They can be music, images, movies, essays, software and so on. When other users download them, the system will pay you some.
Such way of making money online is considered passive by most people. But it’s absolutely wrong. You will have to make reasonable efforts to make somebody download you very file. For that, I recommend using thematic forums and websites used for downloading.
As for me, I had to spend much time to reach my first income from file exchanges. I was actively communicating at forums, searched for “download” through search engines… After that, I opened each website and wrote I could download some file at the file exchange and inserted a link to it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make much money, but cents from download still come to my account.
Users make solid money with YouTube today. For that, one creates their own channel, where different unique videos are posted. It’s important that videos must be interesting and make visitors come back to your channel. It’s not enough just to create a channel but to advertise it and make it popular. For that, you will have to spend a lot of time for its promotion and advertising. In this case, you will manage in earning with ads shown before your video. Lucky bloggers can count on signing a contract with YouTube.

Way #7. How to Make Money Online Having Your Own Website?

Probably, making money online without investments goes best for owners of websites. Most ways are related to advertisements. The main are:

- Context ads concerns links to websites of the theme similar to the theme of the website. From the point of view of unobtrusive materials, this is the most preferable variant, but it leads to the least income.
- Banners – the level of incomes depends on preferences of an advertiser, and also on the popularity of the website.
- Teasers are the shock advertisement. You must be very careful with it, otherwise, you may be put into the blacklist of websites at search portals.
- Placing advertising articles and announcements. They mustn’t be obtrusive, otherwise, you can significantly reduce the number of visitors’ activity.
income from websites
You may also sell or rent promoted Internet-portals.
But, such ways of making money online don’t suit everybody. In fact, it’s not possible for all users to create a website from nothing. For that, not only knowledge and skills will be needed, but also some financial investment. One will have to buy a domain and hosting. Besides, a site will have to be filled with content. In addition, it takes much time to write articles yourself, while it will take much money to buy them at the content exchange.

Way #8. How to Make Money Attracting Referrals

Another way of making money on the Internet approachable for everybody is attracting referrals or new users. Most online-projects offer this method of gaining incomes.
Development of referral network is very difficult business. After registering on the website of a partner, you will get a link that should be actively advertised. It may be done when you communicate at forums, implement it in articles you publish.
However, don’t think you will get paid for each click on this link. Depending on a project, there are two main terms of making money: registration of a new user on the website or their activity within the certain period. It should be considered that not everybody wants to be somebody’s referral. So, most people learned to remove the tail of the link, indicating the affiliation to your referral network.

Way #9. Trading at the Exchange – A Fraud or Way to Get Wealthy?

I want took into details of this variant. Just because I am a financier according to my degree and I realize opportunities of the financial market. I don’t recommend believing in promises to get wealthy fast for those who don’t understand anything about forex. The matter is, that trading at the currency exchange is closely connected to great risks. If you have no comprehension about indicators, analysis, StopLosses and TakeProfits, you are liked to waste your deposit quite swiftly. It doesn’t stop novices, who, gotten attracted by ambitious promises of unfair brokers and imagined themselves as traders, start making orders crazily. The result is the one – they don’t understand how to make money online like that and write many feedbacks yelling Forex is a scam.
Nevertheless, those who had serious approach to trading at the exchange may learn to gain solid incomes from it. With that, it’s important to allocate much time for self-education. Read materials about methods of analysis, develop your own strategies of trading based on those that can be found on the Internet.
making money at the exchange
I can give several tips for those who decided to try themselves as a trader:
- be serious while choosing a broker;
- never deviate from trading plans;
- learn to trade calmly, without bustling;
- don’t make great orders. For each one, invest not more than 2% of tour deposit.

And the last tip – don’t hope that, having invested $100, you will acquire millions in two months. Even the most successful traders get incomes of not more than 20% per month! That’s why, if you want to gain much, you will have to invest much, too.

In recent times, binary options trading has been becoming more and more popular. In general, it’s similar to other types of exchange trading. Nevertheless, it has the one obvious advantage. Trading binary options is more intuitively comprehensive. That’s why, it suits a novice better.
While trading binary options, there are only two buttons: PUT and CALL. Anybody who wants can try. All one needs is just to open a chart, study forecasts on the Internet or make them themselves and assess the price direction.
After that, set the expiration moment of the option and wait. If you success in making a correct forecast, then you get profits. The advantage of such way of trading lies in the fact that, in contrast to Forex, potential loss is always known for a trader.

Way #10. Remote Working for a Company

Along with working on the Internet for yourself, today, there are many offers of working for some company remotely. The following vacancies are the most common:

- call-center operator;
- community administrator;
- content-manager;
- news service journalist.

Before agreeing to such an offer, study feedbacks about it on the Net. The matter is that variants like that can be a banal scam. As a result, you will spend much time and efforts, but will get no money for your job done.
I can specify some positive and negative moments of such remote job. The advantage of such variants can be official employment and guaranteed wages. Among disadvantages, I can specify the inability to plan your schedule yourself (certain shifts are likely to be set by your employer).
Moreover, employers often require completion of some plan, and your payments will depend on volumes of such a plan. It is often set in the way that it’s practically impossible to reach the required number of orders and requests.

How to Get Earned Money?

Most are questioned about not only ways to make money online, but also how to get them further. For that, there are many virtual wallets. The most popular are PayPal and Skrill.
digital purse
Having chosen the resource to make money at, ask the administration about methods of withdrawal. Most websites offer to withdraw money using numerous digital wallets. However, some portals use just 1-2 of them. That’s why you must open an appropriate wallet before working at any portal.

Moreover, there are the following types of restrictions for money withdrawal:
- fees;
- terms of withdrawal;
- minimum amount.

You’d better get known about all restrictions initially, in order not to get disappointed further. By the way, you should be interested in cashing or transfering money to the card from a purse.

I think those who read my article to the end, realized it’s possible to make money online. All the ways of making money online have their successors. But, also, there are many people who have negative feedbacks on them. That’s why, the best variant is to try all variants and select those that suit you best! But remember to earn this way for living, you will have to work hard.

To finish my article, I will tell you about advantages of working from home discovered by me through personal experience:
- no need to spend time and money for commutes to the office;
- free schedule;
- some spare time remains for household stuff and family;
- I am the head for myself.

What are ways to make money online? The only one! If you want to work for yourself, do what you love, without leaving home – try hard! I am sure you will also succeed in it!

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