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How to Make Money Fast: The Shortest Ways to the Financial Freedom

How to Make Money Fast: The Shortest Ways to the Financial Freedom


1. All the Means Are Great for Earning, Aren’t They? Determining Limits!

2. Treasure in Your Own Wallet: How Much Do Money Really Cost?

3. How to Make Money Fast with Old Stuff: Sales and Auctions
3.1. “Golden” TV-Sets and Radios: Producing Gold from Radio Parts
3.2. Selling Souvenirs to Foreigners. How To Earn with Stereotypes?

4. Blood Money: Donation as a Source of Income

5. Drawings and Promotions: Pleasant Trifles and More
5.1. Monetizing Discounts, Coupons and Bonus Points

6. Services as Sources of Income: Any Jobs to an End – Just Choose!

7. Freelance Exchanges: How to Make Money Fast As an Occasional Employee

8. Forex and Trading Binary Options: First Steps to the Big Business

Our parents always say in our childhood: “Learn well, enter a prestige university, get a degree, find a perspective and long-term job, work hard and move through the career ladder and then, you will earn much.” And grandparents proved those words, saying that nothing can be right away. What did they prepare me for? Just for tedious wait for this wonder time, when big money finally falls into my wallet. Actually, most people follow this advice: they wait and wait, permanently postponing long-awaited purchases and journeys. And the major part of them don’t even think that every dream can be turned true without putting it aside. There is a lot of variants about how to make money fast. There is the ten of the best to be looked into in details:

  • How to transform flotsam and jetsam into money;
  • How to monetize coupons, discounts and bonuses;
  • How to earn money without investments;
  • How much can be gained with a cell phone and PC.

All the Means Are Great for Earning, Aren’t They? Determining Limits!

There are many methods answering how to make money fast. Ask your best friend where to get a million, and you’ll get a laughy response about a bank robbery. I think my readers won’t be interested by such jokes, so I must mention now what we are not going to talk about in our today’s review:

  • Suggestions to steal, rob and swindle as the ways not only to earn but also to get permanently funded by the state (in special places, of course);
  • Tips to take a risk at the casino with your remaining dimes, going all-in;
  • Lists of lotteries with perspectives to win a house, automobile or a million;
  • Links to poker clubs and suggestions to win over experts at betting;
  • Banal references to bank loans;
  • Instructions to sell your kidney for several thousand dollars.

I don’t doubt these ways have their right to exist, but my goal today is to introduce guaranteed, safe ways of gaining money, which have no bad consequences for life and health.

Treasure in Your Own Wallet: How Much Do Money Really Cost?

They often say about the value of stamps with mistakes and misprints. By the way, fidos also have great values.Old coins price

Probably, you can find real treasure in the money-box gathering dust on the shelf of your closet. Let’s look into this way with the example of USA:

  • A 1969-S  Lincoln cent with the obvious doubling of obverse`s elements, exept the sign of the mint, cost $35 000-40 000;
  • A 1970-S  Lincoln cent with the small date and doubled die obverse – starting price is about $3 000;
  • A 2004-D  Wisconsin Quarter with an extra cornstalk leaf costs from $200.

You can find similar lists on many web-resources. Coins o
f cost by 10-50 times higher than their nominal may be found in each tenth wallet.

Collectible or serial coins realization opportunity must also taken into consideration. Their price rises every year after the date when they are issued.

How to Make Money Fast with Old Stuff: Sales and Auctions

Modern people have the plenty of things not being used for years. Probably, it’s time to get rid of them for not so high but real award? And it’s not that difficult to sell them, as it may seem at the first sight – I don’t even suggest going to flea market and stand with your old blanket. Modern methods to realize your flotsam and jetsam are by far more convenient:

  • Free virtual bulletin boards;
  • Internet-communities and forums, for example for lovers of original musical devices (cassette-players, etc.);
  • City auctions;
  • Antiques shops;
  • Thrift shops.

In order to attract attention to your lot, make a high-quality photo and add selling description with the list of all advantages of this (valuable for somebody) thing. It must be said that vintage jewelry, furniture, dishes, books should be shown to an expert before realization. And that expert must not be the one who you are going to sell the thing to – you can’t count on a fair assessment in this case.
An impartial advisor can recognize an exclusive copy of small circulation in a torn book; and vintage rare china in your Granny’s plate. With such luck, the problem how to make money fast will be solved at once.

“Golden” TV-Sets and Radios: Producing Gold from Radio Parts

 How to get gold at homeCleaning your home from garbage, looking for stuff that can be sold, pay special attention to radios and TV-sets. Even an inoperative device, having no value for collectors, can give you solid money. Microchips of many old devices contain small amounts of precious metals: gold, silver, etc. It’s quite tough to get them, you’ll have to recall some points of chemistry: etching with "aqua regia" or electrolysis method, but the result may justify itself well. Boards of cymometers can contain about 6g of gold, tube TV-sets of 70s can bear up to 4g of gold, amplifiers contain near 30g of silver. Arranging your garage can lead to good incomes. I must mention that open realization of handicraft metals is illegal, but it has never stopped jewelers and knackers. You can search for devices like that, offering free services of garbage removal. However, this method works not only with expensive metals, but with scrap metal as well: dismantling and utilizing bulky constructions, you can earn with a service itself and with realizing the output.

Selling Souvenirs to Foreigners. How To Earn with Stereotypes?

 Household stuff, dusty and idle, can be offered to foreign buyers. Internet has made distances just a word. You can use online-auctions and place your lots anywhere around the world, because Internet-translating services solve the problem. And this way, you can earn money with stuff considered as stereotypes about USA:

  • Cowboy hat;

  • Beaver fur mittens, wood totem;

  • National clothes.

Vintage guide booklets, travel brochures, posters are sold well. Such artifacts can be taken from senior citizens for some household services. Collectors may be interested in the most incredible and useless stuff of past, such as vintage hat rack. 

Blood Money: Donation as a Source of Income

Donation can give you humble but never unnecessary money. This amount will differ in countries (and even states in the US). In order to become a donor, just contact the nearest center and come there as early as you can, because you won’t be alone among those who also look for ways how to make money fast. You will have to spend less than half-hour in the chair. A physically healthy person doesn’t feel dizzy after the procedure. By the way, donors of rare blood types get by far more. Donors of platelets are rewarded highly for a single session, while this blood component can be donated once a fortnight. This group of donors get more privileges, such as compensations of transportation expenses, etc., which can also be considered as fair income.

The rarest blood typeDonating hair can also be mentioned as analogical way of earning: You can get much for a long tress. Unfortunately, this method is fast but almost single-used.

Drawings and Promotions: Pleasant Trifles and More

I don’t recommend anybody to pass by numerous Internet-promotions and “gifts for sharing”, even those who are not asked how to make money fast. Cute trifles and serious prizes are really given in advertising purposes: you can become an owner of an exclusive souvenir that can’t be redeemed any other way. I must say: we are not talking about “pay now and get then” – this fraud is the most popular method to cheat naïve people. Honest promotions don’t involve any payments, delivery, booking, fees, etc. Rules are transparently given, and there mustn’t be any additional terms and conditions expect “click and wait”. Surely, you don’t have to submit credit card data and send scans of passport: but, however, some measures of identification such as your name and address for delivery should be filled.

It’s more confident to play in your own city: any social network can have communities with this form of advertising promotions. In this case, prizes can be claimed yourself directly from the organizer of the event, and there is the higher chance to win with the restricted number of participants.

Monetizing Discounts, Coupons and Bonus Points

Most companies, from major banks to small organizations of domestic services often gratify their clients with loyalty support programs including bonuses, accumulative discounts, etc. It should be checked, how many bonuses you have on your cell phone operator account or credit card. This pleasant trifles always expire due to no need, but they can be withdrawn at any time:

  • Cell phone operators let you pay with bonuses for any customer’s bill (customer of this very operator, for sure);
  • Coupons with the right for a discount can be given to third persons;
  • You can buy the second item, having arranged with your friend.

It’s enough to offer the second participant mutually profitable terms: you fill their account with bonuses or pay with your own points, and they give you 75% of this amount in cash. Coupons and invitations can be sold for half-cost through boards. The deal is profitable for both sides. This method can be used if some privileges to buy some items are provided for employees of the store or privilege to take items that lost trade dress, etc. for free. Offer the discount that will be profitable for you and them. You can make money with that.

If you need even more ways of making money, please subscribe to our resource via the form below:

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Services as Sources of Income: Any Jobs to an End – Just Choose!

It’s a pity to realize this, but sometimes, when you look for ways to earn, you will have to work.

Deciding how to make money fast with services, recall all your skills that you have in the arsenal:

  • Experienced PC users can offer installing and setting operating system, installing software, etc.
  • Tutors and coaches can offer tutorship and supervision;
  • Musicians can earn with assisting to prepare for music institutes;
  • Students – writing essays and help with tests for freshmen;
  • Builders – installation and repair work;
  • Drivers – services of personal drivers and moving using loading.

Even without education and special skills, it’s possible to find the plenty of activities swiftly and well paid for. In countryside populated with senior citizens, the following activities are most demanded:

  • Digging;
  • Wood chopping;
  • Garbage removal.

In the town, you can offer:

  • “Husband for an hour”;
  • Walking with pets;
  • Escorting children to trainings;
  • Cleaning;
  • Delivery from grocery stores.

Household servicesAny of these kinds involves post-paying when the job is done, so all of them can be considered as fast ways to earn money. Unfortunately, searching for clients takes too much time. In the countryside, you can walk with your chainsaw offering to cut wood for reasonable pay, and find clients at once. In the town, you will have to wait long for responses at your advertisements. However, it’s possible to earn money if you have enough desire and creativity.

Freelance Exchanges: How to Make Money Fast As an Occasional Employee

Freelance on the Internet is offering services, but remote ones. I must now tell the novice not to try making contracts directly: most vacancies yelling how to make money fast are the fraud for naive jobseekers. Such deals are good only if the customer offers advance payment. Otherwise, payment for the job done can be waited for years.

Freelance exchanges or exactly copywriting defend interests of both sides, without letting suspicious customers make operations. You can found the following types of orders in the database of the exchange:

  • Searching information and database composing;
  • Likes, shares, voting and visiting pages, watching videos;
  • Writing articles, reviews, feedbacks;
  • Creating images, banners, illustrations;
  • Developing programs and creating websites “turnkey”;
  • Creating logos, trademarks, mottos and ad slogans.

One can make good money at stories that are always worthwhile: for example, losing 60 lbs. of weight with photos “before and after”. Selling such real photos with the right of free using by the company advertising another “wonder” product for losing weight can give you up to ~$150. After making a contract, you will only get surprised when find your own photos proving the magic effect from the drink, berries or a wristband.

Forex and Trading Binary Options: First Steps to the Big Business

 Most looked at links promising to show how to make money fast at forex. But the majority didn’t moved further from this first stage. The perspective to trade with money itself seems attracting and unapproachable at the same time. And there are many people who tried to start working, and then became skeptics after their first failures. Incomprehension of principles of how financial market works, lack of desire to learn, background of own disappointments and the flow of skepticism from others – these are common reasons of criticism toward this way of making money. So, I recommend you figure out the main terms of trading: “TOP-5 Tips How to Make Money with Binary Options – Step-By-Step Instruction for Trading”.

What is said against trading? Risks, indispensable specific knowledge and minimal amount to start. We can’t argue with the only thing: there are by far more stories about successful start from nothing leading to the financial freedom than in any other field of business. One of such stories you can find in the article: “Successful Trader: The Story of John Foster!”

To become a trader, you don’t need solid capitals, relations and people who have the power. This way fits either a student or a senior citizen.

I hope my words won’t give you false impression and won’t create the illusion that it’s enough just to install the platform and then wait for money dropping into the account. Trust me – it will not be like that. To trade at forex without losses, you need:

  • Persistence and patience;
  • Cold mind and self-control;
  • Desire to learn and enough time.

For those who don’t have sufficient time resource, working with binary options would be optimal. The interest of income from each successful order is fixed: it doesn’t depend on the depth of fall or height of rise of currencies chosen for operations. To make money, you just need to forecast the direction correctly. You can find more information about payment amounts in the article: “TOP-5 Facts You Didn’t Know About UTRADER: Reviews, Feedbacks and Proven Ways to Make Money”.

The usefulness of this method is proven by the plenty of free informational materials. At this market, there are no competitors and rivals; experienced traders, who have already made their fortune trading binary options, just share their materials and strategies. Repeating these methods can become the first step for a novice trader.Profit

It turns that there is the possible answer to the question how to make money fast. But why the majority of people live in dreams only? Probably, the matter is that habit to wait, taught by our parents? Isn’t it time to get rid of it and start acting: transform the dream to the clear goal and right now choose the optimal way of realization. Probably, in several months, you will share your own experience how to make money fast and tell your story of the financial success.

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