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How to Make Money: Fairytales and Real Methods

How to Make Money: Fairytales and Real Methods


1. Services as a Way to Make Money in Spare Time

2. Business with Minimal Investments: Marketable Ideas

3. Monetizing the Hobby: Double Pleasure

4. How to Make Money on the Internet: Revealing the Essence of Famous Methods
4.1. Watching Videos and Clicks: How Much Can We Earn
4.2. Doing Routine: Feasible Work for Spare Time
4.3. Captcha Earning: Do They Really Pay for It?

4.4. Spam-Mailing: Money for Database
4.5. Earning with Monetized Games: Can You Earn Playing?
4.6. Wallets of Help and Other Kinds of Pyramid Schemes

4.7. Online Store: Stages of Developing Serious Business on the Internet
4.8. Collective Purchases: Shopping with Double Profits

4.9. Surveys and Review Composing: Who Pays for Opinions?
4.10. Betting: Pitfalls of Legal Gambling
4.11. Creating or Promoting Website: Profits or Investments?

4.12. Writing: Secrets of Demanded Modern Specialty
4.13. Photo-stocks: How Much Can Your Camera Give

5. Forex and Binary Options: Secrets of Fishing in Money Flow

One doesn’t have enough money – that’s an everlasting problem. If it can let you go to a café, you want restaurant. Money lets you buy an automobile, but eyes are kindled by interiors in luxury apartment blocks. And the more is the number of such seductions, the more often the question how to make money for satisfying all of them appears. We don’t speak about those who save money instead of spending it for the essentials: this problem is always actual for them.
In this review, we’ll figure out in details: In this review, we’ll figure out in details:
- How to make money in spare time;
- What business doesn’t require start capital;
- How to transform hobby into money;
- How much money is there on the Internet and how to “download” it into the wallet. - How much money is there on the Internet and how to “download” it into the wallet.
Primary criteria of selecting methods for examination were legality and accessibility. We mean “earnings” with slot machines or offers to open own restaurant were put aside at ones. To realize ideas to be mentioned, you will need just time and eagerness.

Services as a Way to Make Money in Spare Time

It’s not difficult (as it can seem to be) to find ways of moonlighting or a job. The banal trick is to use skills of your specialty. You will need to pass the one psychological aspect: you need to learn to sell yourself. Unfortunately, this very factor prevents most from gaining good additional money without changing the occupation and being involved in favorite activity: a teacher used to get their humble salary two times a month, has a brain freeze by a need to advertise their tutorship services.

TutorshipThis way of making money will be perfectly suitable for:
- Teachers of all courses;
- Professionals at construction specialties;
- Musicians, sportsmen, artists;
- Physicians;
- Lawyers;
- Programmers and web-designers;
- Drivers having the right to use any special transport;
- Installers, engineers, workers on repair of household appliances and computer equipment;
- Masters who have any auto-technical specialty.
It’s quite simple to organize such moonlighting.
- Firstly, you need to provide minimal technical base – for example, settle rent of a welder or a room for classes with future Paganini and Picasso.
- Secondly, advertise the service in any available resources from the online town board to sheets on street boards.
Business cards given everywhere by your friends and family, along with advertising in social network will provide you with additional clients.
Intermediary resources also help in finding customers: Internet-platforms can put a specialist in their database and provide them with minimal advertisement in a concrete town/city for a humble pay. There are more and more searching services like that, and their peak of popularity must come further.
Even lack of education doesn’t hinder you to make the household service an additional answer to the question how way to make money. There are many kinds of jobs not requiring professional skills:
- Taxi, including working with a brand popular in the town/city;
- Trucking and services of loaders, in the presence of the relevant transport;
- Working as husband for an our or a daily maid;
- Nursing, care of the elderly and children;
- Walking with pets and pet nursing;
- Working in a call-center with advertising calls or cold questioning;
- Participating in promotions, distribution of ads, sticking advertisements and other kinds of underemployment.
Working as a mystery shopper can become interesting and profitable activity: unfortunately, suggestions of such a job will be infrequent in small towns, where an agent like that is usually exposed soon.

And, nevertheless, it’s enough just to think seriously how to make money to find an interesting activity suitable for skills and competencies and preferences as well. Those who have a professionally trained and strong voice can look for vacancies of collection agencies offering a job of negotiating with evaders. A graduate of a specialty related to foreign languages, can found some students to help them, and also some housewives who are eager to travel abroad. The main requirement is the desire.
The obvious negative moment is the only one – it won’t be possible to significantly change your material state this way. But, probably, your activity will cut expenditures always going hand in hand with leisure: you will just have no time for resting, having the main occupation and underworking.

Business with Minimal Investments: Marketable Ideas

Any business requires investments. But we don’t always speak about finances. A small enterprise, producing the demanded product, can be opened mostly from nothing and even in your own apartment. Resources to drive this machine will be your own hardworking and business technique.
Home businessWhat can be produced at home, allocating not more than a room for that? Here you are:
- Unusual bouquets from candies and cakes of pampers;
- Author’s and autographed soft toys, pads and pillows, textile rattles with natural filling, educational games;
- felted accessories and toys;
- natural soap and bath tablets;
- exclusive bijouterie from workpieces and polymeric masses;
- Wedding locks, glasses, invitations for the wedding and other accessories;
- Tiles of ready mixes;
- Wicker furniture and decorations made of twigs and straw;
- Scarves and fine linens in the technique of batik and embroidery;
- Cakes and business-lunches for offices;
- Dried mushrooms and herbal blends;
- Figured caramels and lollypops;
- Souvenir board-games with corporate or autographed logos;
- Albums for newborn and panel-frames for new parents.
Having though thoroughly, you may find even more exotic ideas, but they mustn’t become demanded by potential customers. In one town in Tennessee, a creative entrepreneur has organized the production of coffins for pets. But for nothing – even with strong advertising, the product was not marketable. Boxes for deceased pets richly decorated with ribbons and black lace didn’t get any purchasers: pugs and toy terriers beloved during the life and indulged with expensive clothes, as it turned, no longer interest their owners, once the opportunity to show them off disappears. As a result, the businessman changed the field and started tailoring berets and veiled caps for those pugs and toy terriers. Because of impressive appearances at dog shows and business cards offered in time, production capabilities increase.
The moral is simple: not only the “brilliant” idea must lie in the base of the business, but also cold calculations. You have to evaluate:
• Consumer demand;
• Costs and price level;
• Allocated time;
• Possible volumes and perspectives of their increase;
• Competitive environment and its level;
• Ability to invest in advertising;
• Possible risks.
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Monetizing the Hobby: Double Pleasure

Your favorite activity can become your underworking: in this case, mercantile interests with be perfectly combined with pleasure of the process. In order to realize how to make money, you just need to recall what you love to do most or what you would love to allocate more time to. Hobby as a business
1. Amateur gardeners can increase seeds: there is enormous demand for this season product. Tomatoes, zucchini and squash are bought out swiftly in spring. In fall, fruits and perennials are demanded. And house plants and flowers are sold the whole year. Sprouting bulbs require a minimum of space, and a few minutes on watering and weeding.
2. Loving cats can be turned in money, too. There is a permanent demand not only for purebred kittens, but also for similar without documents. Making right choice of “producers”, you can either add some funds to the family budget, or gain good money with a quite rare but stable offspring. There is also demand for chinchillas, nutria, degus, parrots, rabbits and ornamental aquarium fish. It’s tough to start this business from nothing, as you need skills of caring, but if you have such experience, there mustn’t be any difficulties.
3. Baking cakes also gives fair incomes. Confectionery paste and modeling skills will transform a Granny’s recipe to an exclusive masterpiece, while "words of mouth" and a good photo on advertising will provide periodic orders.
4. Cosplay, i.e. costumed parties is very expensive hobby. But renting models, you can cover expenditures and even make some money. Both adult models for corporate events, cosplays and child costumes for Christmas matinees are rented well.
5. Handmade decorations can be composed of everything: polymer clay, leather, metal, vintage accessories, textiles. Workpieces can be bought in Chine: bags of loose furniture and elements for sets cost a few pennies. The ready thing costs 300-500% more.
6. Knitting is loved by housewives, but there are not that many able to do this from born in 80-90s. Demand for hand-knitted stuff increases – this is the market niche for making money. The same can be said about beadwork, batik and decoupage.
7. The passion for tourism and knowledge about interesting places of the nearest suburb is the great reason to make money. A tent with a guitar is the indispensable set which every crusade romantics fan has; and developing a good and simple route for unprepared citizens will take several days. Rest with friends will transform into a quite profitable business.
8. The skill of working with Adobe Photoshop and natural style will let you accept orders for creating picture albums and movies from family shots, restoration of old images and creating layouts for corporate calendars and commemorative souvenirs. Moderate prices and individual approach will let you compete with major entrepreneurs.
9. Making denim and jackets for dogs is not by far simpler than making clothes for people. But 4-leg clients have quite typical sizes and are less capricious to fitting and other nuances. Even an amateur milliner will be able to complete this job. The advertisement will be provided by your own pet, appearing in new clothes in the park and shows.
You need mostly nothing to start such a business: all you have to do is to widen the range of materials, and don’t forget to take a photo for advertising making a thing.
I must mention now, that it often occurs that fraud is concealed behind the ad offering such a way of making money. You must evaluate the real cost of services properly: making pens or cutting labels can’t give serious income, as well as any work incompetent or unclaimed in the time of mechanization and electronics. Attracting offers of enormous profits containing mortgage for beads, paper or labor contract formalizing is a simple scam. Stay alert even having gotten first payments: it’s the hook swallowed by a victim and making it to pay yet more.

How to Make Money on the Internet: Revealing the Essence of Famous Methods

All kinds of business gradually move to the Internet. Respectfully, financial flows are being concentrated there. That’s why, maximum range of tricks about how to make money can be found online. Stable Internet connection provides you with unlimited opportunities. The fact the reader studies this very review in a web browser, just proving the idea: we need to look into the question how to make money online. And we should do it in details. Which perspectives are given by each method and whether ad promises are real – we’ll figure it out.

Watching Videos and Clicks: How Much Can We Earn

Watching advertising videos, surfing and earning with clicks is declared a no-investment way of making money. Really, running some software for displaying ads or surfing through links can give you several cents per day. To prove my words, just try: hours of redirections, subscriptions and closing windows will give you incomes compared with the cost of a public transportation ticket. The withdrawal is usually restricted by amounts that most don’t have enough patience to reach.

Doing Routine: Feasible Work for Spare Time

Completing jobs of freelance exchanges is a good underworking for students and senior citizens. Popular requests are: joining communities, subscriptions, shares, likes in social networks. Incomes are respectful: for 10-15 minutes of working, you have 5-10 cents. I mean, to earn just a couple of bucks, you will need to spend half-day at your PC. Having calculated the cost of energy and provider’s service, I must admit this idea is a complete utopia.

Captcha Earning: Do They Really Pay for It?

Submitting captchas is not a fraud but a really demanded service. A CAPTCHA is an alphanumeric code, by which the user confirms that they are not a bot. Surely, real people are needed by systems of automatic mailing, if they can read and submit enter those symbols. A platform offering to make money entering captchas, provides such a service. A customer signs a contract, the system displays the captcha to a user and their response comes to the customer at once. Pictures flash with the frequency of 10-20 per minute, and you will need patience, strong nerves and persistence along with the blind typing in Cyrillic. Time money
One can really gain money: my personal experience of working there in my youth let me get about $50 for a month of uninterrupted work taking 3-4 hours a day and gave me the priceless skill of blind typing. Unfortunately, I lost 1.5 diopters as a bonus.

Spam-Mailing: Money for Database

Mailing through own database in Skype, e-mail, etc. can also give some additional money. Unfortunately, it’s not that big as can be described in the advertisement. Payments directly depends on the number of subscribers that are very tough to be found and easy to be lost. Several waves of spam will make even real buddies leave the friend-list. Some services even have bans for spammers.

Earning with Monetized Games: Can You Earn Playing?

Games with money withdrawal is a new thing. Promises are outstanding: play and make money. Virtual pancakes or pictured hens in the farm must give real incomes by the fixed price list when realized. Attracting advertisement doesn’t even let you realize pixels of the “goods” have nothing in common with real money, and this stuff is just thoroughly covered multilevel scheme. And it can be easily discovered: open terms of service and read conditions of payments attentively. There must be the point saying withdrawal is possible after the specific amount collected in the account; and you may also be obliged to top up your balance with real money first before getting them back in future.
Game drops (i.e. artefacts or modifiers found in the game) selling is may be considered as another way of earning. But gathering demanded products is possible only with a good game level, and by this moment, you will have to spend hours of playing. In theory, it’s possible to sell accounts themselves, but before that, make sure the project terms of service don’t forbid such actions, which must be an exception. Thinking serious about making money with games is possible only if you have your own project advertised well, which requires significant financial investments and time costs: the market is inflated by major companies.

Wallets of Help and Other Kinds of Pyramid Schemes

A recover of Russian pyramid scheme “MMM” was the strong impression for me. It may seem that after a fierce process upon the case, there won’t be any people who haven’t realized the utopia character of the idea to make money from nothing. However, there are hundreds of offers to join similar schemes on the Internet. They can be swiftly recognized:
• A lot of promises, feedbacks, photos of banknotes and “own” yachts;
• Little information, few clear algorithms, names and contact data confirmed legally.
One should leave this system before the first stage: transfer of the starting amount, membership fee, paying for the software installed or a training course. I strongly recommend everybody who is about to pay again for a “mega-instruction” of how to make money from a successful “wealthy man” to realize: a real millionaire doesn’t need your $200-300. They have the opportunity to share information for free. All courses like that have the essence of the phrase: “and now sell this instruction to other naïve fools, return your investments and then, you will be able to earn like me.” “The job” will consist of the permanent search and deceiving trustful people: no inflow – no incomes.

Online Store: Stages of Developing Serious Business on the Internet

Online stores are the popular modern form of goods realization. In contrast to a retail store, you don’t need to rent facilities and recruit employees. Even an unexperienced user can make an online store by means of a template. Depending of the financial state, you can either buy goods before starting or have the contract of ordered supply, which significantly cuts risks to be left with non-marketable stuff. But you should think thoroughly before diving into Internet-trading: highly competitive environment is not loyal to novices.How to start an online store

You will have to spend much time advertising, and commodity circulation enough for good living may come in several years. With that, a couple of hours a day won’t be sufficient for working: a client who doesn’t get a response from a manager in minutes, won’t wait but will find a faster-working alternative.

Collective Purchases: Shopping with Double Profits

Collective purchases have appeared as an alternative for online stores. An organizer arranges for purchasing goods from the producer at a wholesale price, and then looks for those who want to join their purchase. Their profit consists of the significant discount and getting some interest for the job. There are quite many obligations: even if the goods is highly demanded, much time is taken by formalizing, acquiring, packaging, and distribution of part of the order to the end customer.

Organizer is responsible not only for the whole process, but also for inevitable unredeemed remainders. They often “eat” profits. So, experienced organizers don’t recommend working with purchases which are not the subject of personal interest: probably, the income will come from remainders.

Surveys and Review Composing: Who Pays for Opinions?

Composing feedbacks doesn’t require special skills and expenditures, except time. It seems there is nothing simpler than leaving reviews for everything you come across with, and put ticks in customers’ surveys. There is some truth in it. I carried out an experiment and I’m ready to make a report: 10 reviews for moderately demanded and rarely described product often searched for on the Internet, along with creating author’s images took three days. I must explain that banal praising won’t be accepted by websites – you should touch and try the product you are reviewing. Your own photos are also required. Result: these 10 feedbacks give you up to 0.01 cent per day within 3 months in the most generous website. And in another half-year I will be able to withdraw the minimal amount ($3), if, for sure, administrations of the resource doesn’t find reasons to block my account due to toughly proved causes of “arranged views” or other kinds of fraud.

Betting: Pitfalls of Legal Gambling

Betting at sport is the legal way of making money at gambling. The system is very simple: having forecasted the result of a game or tournament, you can increase the ratio suggested by an expert. Being well-known about the event, better than this professional, you can win the gamble with the office, but non-systematized bets can’t lead to profits: experts making their own forecasts, rarely make mistakes. The ratio will clearly reflect the chance to get incomes. Ratios multiplied by 1.01 or 1.05 give mostly safe but very low incomes. The single failed bet will “eat” all the profits: making a mistake, a gambler gets nothing and loses all they have. Betting office bet for sport

Creating or Promoting Website: Profits or Investments?

Demand for landing pages and online stores grows day by day. Creating websites is the profitable business, in the following conditions are met:
• Design must be unique and impressive;
• Client base composing takes time or funds for advertising;
• To create a high-quality website, you’ll need skills at working with graphics and programming code.
Competition in this field doesn’t let amateurs and novices reach great earnings.
The same can be said about monetizing your own resource: competition is too high to count on serious incomes in the nearest future.

Writing: Secrets of Demanded Modern Specialty

Filling websites with content can become the source of stable and permanent income. Advertising with references often characterizes this activity, as well as the essence of the question how to make money without investments or starting capital. Going this way, you should soberly estimate your capabilities:
• Writing materials and comments won’t give much money;
• Simple senseless rewriting for creating unique materials is engaged by synonymizing machines, so the serviced is not demanded and poorly paid;
• Solid resources are ready to purchase only materials with perfect content and grammar made by professionals.
Respectfully, don’t count on easy and fast money for swiftly-composed texts, no matter what advertising slogans say. To collect large client base, you will have to prove your competency for years.

Photo-stocks: How Much Can Your Camera Give

Selling shots is similar to writing, but here, unique photos play the role of the brand. Special photo-stocks receive works of photographers, including amateurs, and pay awards to authors when their compositions are sold. The speed of selling directly depends on the quality of the shot and demand for the topic: only those authors have the chance to engage profitable trading, who have good technique and ability to create content really interesting for customers. However, maybe a yawning cat or amateur-shot monument in the picture will attract somebody: one can gain $2-3 for a photo. selling photos

Forex and Binary Options: Secrets of Fishing in Money Flow

It’s silly to wait for fish where it doesn’t exist, isn’t it? So, examining ideas about how to make money online, will surely lead to the coast of the most fishing river – Forex financial market.
I must now put them in place who consider this activity similar to financial pyramid schemes due to the lack of products themselves. And the product here is highly demanded – it is money. $50 billion is being sold and bought every week only in European segment of the exchange. Even a tiny share of this global money flow is a solid amount for the concrete ordinary trader.
The main difference between Forex and trading with other resources is that there is the permanently profitable situation: a trader can gain profits when prices for an option either rise or fall. In practice:
• A trader selects the pair for trading, for example, euro/dollar;
• If there are reasons for dollar to fall (i.e. euro rises), a trader buys the option;
• Having waited for the solid “inflation” of the selected currency and turn of the market – sell it;
• Profits of the order, in which we didn’t even touch the product, may be withdrawn or invested for further trading.
Incomes in this business are limited only by the volume of the starting capital: there are some cases when dollar rose extremely for a week, but such situations are quite infrequent. Usually, traders get low interest of the growth of the selected currency. The issue is solved by a big wallet – having a solid account in disposal, you can live well even for this interest.
But from the very beginning, we’ve agreed on looking into only those kinds of earning that don’t require much money in reserve. There is such a way of initiation to the world of big business at Forex. Working with binary options lets you get fixed profits, i.e. the extent of a jump doesn’t matter. Incomes depend on the correctly chosen direction and amount of an order. Some risk accompanying orders in the stormy sea of economics, is compensated by a serious percentage of profits in case of correct choice: a trader can afford some mistakes. In order to make losses minimal and be covered by incomes, follow some simple rules:
1. Never put everything you have in stake, no matter how small it is – always save something for insurance.
2. Study the theory of working at the exchange and practical workshops of professionals. Successful traders, in contrast to schemers, share their knowledge and experience for free.
3. Train at minimal bets, define the optimal character of working and develop your own strategy.
When you gain confidence in your skills and solid deposit, then you may start a bid game of trading. Where to get money for the deposit? A humble amount of $200 can be increased manifold within several weeks of careful and elaborate working. A bet of $5, which is not that risky, turns into $30 for 3 correct clicks! Probably, in a week of working, the answer to the question how to make money may become obvious, and the army of successful trader will be filled up with another name.

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