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Careers That Travel the World: Editor's Selection!

Careers That Travel the World: Editor's Selection!


1.Why Should You Choose Careers That Travel the World?
3.Personal assistant
4. Copywriter
5. Rewriter
6. Online store manager
7. Journalist
8. Proofreader
9. Translator
10. Social media manager
11. Free-lance photographer
12. Video editor
13. Designer
14. Remote accountant
15. Project manager
16. Sales manager
17. Internet-ads manager
18. Online-advisor
19. Website content manager
20. Ads-manager for small business
21. Technical Support manager
22. Call-center operator
23. Specialist at Instagram and YouTube channels promotion
24. Online-coach
25. Web-analyst
26. Context-ads manager
27. Affiliate programs manager
28. Mobile apps developer
29. Selling website advisor
30. Remote PC master
31. Makeup man
32. Online-event manager
33. Web-designer
34. Psychologist
35. Writing comments and feedbacks
36. Writing essays, term papers and theses
37. Video voicing
38. Video marketer
39.E-mail marketer
40. Traffic-manager
41. Script designer
42. Remote attorney
43. Remote IT-specialist, sysadmin
44. Customer relations specialist (Account manager)
45. Product line manager
46. HR-manager
47. Business analyst
48. PR-manager
49. Writer
50. Magazine editor
51. Tutor

Greetings, friends. Today I'd like to share a list of TOP-50 careers that travel the world which can let you earn without leaving home!

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Why Should You Choose Careers That Travel the World?

The advantage of remote job is that you can work at any time and everywhere, bot attached to an office. The main thing is to send your results to the customer via Internet.

You can master one or several jobs and work with several customers at the same time. Moreover, if a customer rejects you (fires you up, to say it different), you can find another one this very day.

So, you won't have to waste time and nerves searching for a new job. You can read my article about no-investment earning on the Internet.

Well, attentively look at the list and realize who you would love to be. And then master those jobs and find your first customers.


A trader is a specialist, exchange speculator who is engaged in trading with securities (stocks, bonds, futures, options) at the stock market. Traders are those who work at currency and goods exchange. A trader is one of the most difficult careers that travel the world.

If you want to become a professional trader, you can visit these pages and read useful articles about this very job.

Personal assistant

Personal assistant is the remote "second self" who helps their boss with productivity, organizing, etc.

There are main duties of a personal assistant:

  • working with information and documents
  • organizing current events
  • helping with solving problems
  • advising
  • keeping accounts, making charts, plans and so on

It's not that easy to find the vacancy for this job, as there are too many candidates but only few of them are really qualified and can be useful for their boss. So, you will have to spend some time searching for a chief to assist.

Initially, a personal assistant performs errands, so earnings will be quite low. Gradually, the assistant can become indispensable, and wages will increase. The average monthly salary can range from $300 to $1,500. Plus to that, you can receive additional bonuses.a trader’s job


A copywriter is an author of advertising texts, slogans, scenarios of ad-videos on TV and radio. Their texts are supposed to sell goods and services of their customers, so good, literal and qualified copywriters who can create truly effective advertising copy, are highly appreciated in agencies.


Rewriting is working with original text materials in order to use them in future. In contrast to copywriting, the base is the ready text which is rewritten in specialist’s own words with the sense kept. Such specialists at lexical changing of original texts are called rewriters.

Online store manager

Online store manager is a call-center operator who receives and processes orders via the telephone and website.

Duties of an online store manager are:

  • Ordering via the phone line and website chat box
  • Advising of the assortment and availability of goods
  • Processing the order and coordination of time and place of delivery
  • Reporting


A journalist is a specialist who is involved in publicist activity in newspapers, magazines, on TV and radio and in other mass media resources. They dig up information and conveys it to their readers, listeners, observers, taking the indispensable part in forming the public opinion.


A proofreader is a specialist of the publishing house, printing house or editorial office who proofreads texts, normalizes grammar: correcting orthographical, punctuation, stylistic mistakes and typography. Proofreading is the system of corrections and the process of a proofreader’s working itself.


A translator is a specialist engaging the translation, i.e. creation of written or spoken text in the specific language (object language), which is equivalent to the written or spoken text in another language (source-language).

Social media manager

A social media manager fills communities of social networks with content, develops and promotes them.

Duties of a social media manager are:

  • Creating and forming the page of the community
  • Filling the community with content relevant to the topic of the community (articles, photo and video materials)
  • Attracting new users
  • Keeping the activity in the community (organizing discussions, holding contests and actions)
  • Moderating the community (trashing spam, etc.)
  • Advertising and promoting the community beyond the network (other websites, forums, blogs)

translator’s job

Free-lance photographer

A free-lance photographer is not attached to any agency and this is the true career that travels the world. There are some administrative functions besides shooting and working with photos: topic choosing, negotiations with the customer, acquiring permissions to shoot, choosing the place for photographing, etc.

As a photographer, you have to manually fit lights and install the equipment.

By the way, you have to be a good psychologist to become a photographer. It can be surprising but still it's quite tough to manage all the models in order to get right compositions.

All in all, a good photographer is an artist, psychologist, hunter and technician at the same time. Combining different skills, you may create true masterpieces.

Video editor

A video editor is a specialist who is engaged in processing videos and mini-movies.

The work of a video editor consists of several stages:

  • Watching the material
  • Selecting best shots
  • Making the scenario plan of the future video
  • Creating transitions, credits
  • Overlaying music and effects
  • Processing the ready file

Actually, you must learn to master this job. To process and edit videos, it's inevitable to work with programs as Adobe Premier, After Effect, Sony Vegas, 3D MAX. Besides, you should have a quite powerful computer for efficient and comfortable work. But don't be that scared - you can acquire skills within 2-4 weeks.

Monthly wages can vary between $1,500 and $15,000. But this can happen only if you master all the nuances of the job.


A designer is an artist-constructor, who is involved in artistic-technical activity: including architects, planners, illustrators, designers of posters and other advertising graphics, web-designers.

There are about 10 branches of designing. And there is no job called like "universal designer" as every branch has its own nuances and requires specific skills and knowledge.

The most common branches of design are: industrial design, environmental design, process design, graphical design, landscape design, architectural design, fashion design.

You will have to acquire knowledge and competences at esthetics, graphics and painting to become a qualified designer.

Remote accountant

A remote accountant has plenty of advantages of the independent free-lance job. They may allocate their working time themselves, chooses companies for collaboration, without getting restricted by a labor contract obliging to work the whole day according to the schedule.

A remote accountant just completes tasks simplifying the working process of business. Using services of such a specialist, entrepreneurs delegate fiscal reports to professionals, which is by far cheaper than to pay wages to a staff accountant.

Incomes of a remote accountant depend on level of skills, experience, psychological features, abilities of communication and to make correct decisions. Average earnings of a remote accountant are $300-$1,500. Incomes depend on time taken to complete errands. You can gain more if you find several companies to work with at the same time.

Project manager

A project manager is a specialist responsible for successful project realization:

  • Within customer's arranged time
  • With required quality
  • With the fixed budget and limited human resources
  • With specific requirements of the customer

In total, the main result of such a specialist's work is satisfaction of the customer.

The job of a project manager brings high level of responsibility to the specialist, as they control all the processes of the project and the results of the work depend on their competences. This career can lead to the top-management and toward projects of greater budgets.

Incomes of a project manager can vary from $1,000 to $4,000 per month. With that, there are many bonuses in payment system, including interests from sales. So, total earnings can be higher than arranged. Average wages are about $1,200 per month + bonuses depending on results of working.Internet job

Sales manager

A sales manager has to realize the connection between customers, selling units and producers. The job is very common in wholesales.

A sales manager has the following duties:

  • Processing and providing realization of measures to organize and create the sales network
  • Organizing the precontractural work and making contracts
  • Creating and providing the constant updating of customers data bases
  • Analyzing volumes of sales and reporting according to results of analysis to present it to the superior officer

Internet-ads manager

Duties of an Internet-ads manager are analyzing and correcting the direction of advertising team work, delegating routine and being aware of the process order.

Internet-ads managers must attract the target traffic onto the website and extract all the need information about the product from its characteristics so as to promote and advertise it. Their obligations are to find doers for all kinds of work, from writing advertising texts to developing and creating selling pages.

They control the preparation, start and realization of the advertising campaign. And if some corrections are indispensable during the process, they have to analyze them at once and act. All the stuff at accounting, analysis and reporting should be automatized to the limit.


The main objective of an online-advisor is to transform their customers into purchasers. So, they should reply to a request in several seconds, maximum within a minute, while the client is “warm” and ready to click a “BUY” button.

Most websites use Skype, ICQ, other kinds of messengers and e-mail. It’s quite easy to master working with them, so the primary thing for an online-advisor is to be always alert.

Online-advisors are needed by selling websites. Such a specialist can help to find goods, clarify the price, tell about delivery ways, choose some related products or suggest a better variant of goods.

Website content manager

A website content manager publishes articles and news on the site, places photos, corrects errors, takes part in SEO-optimization and sometimes is engaged in copywriting, composing reviews and takes interviews. The full list of duties depends on the specific employer.

Content managers are needed by many online-projects and companies: information sites, mass media, online stores, SEO-studios, advertising agencies and especially greatly visited website and Internet-agencies.

Incomes of a website content manager can vary from $300 to $1,500. Wages are higher when employers search for specialists with skills of Internet marketing or SEO optimization.

Ads-manager for small business

In contrast to an ordinary ads-manager, who needs to come to the office every day and visitcontractors regularly, a remote specialist is able to:

  • Work from any place on Earth
  • Have a flexible and free schedule, which can be easily adjusted to the specific lifestyle
  • Collaborate with several employers and run different projects at the same time (it’s especially great, as small business advertising campaigns and actions can be hold just a few times a year)

Earnings of an ads-manager for small business can be quite high, particularly if they have working experience, successful projects in portfolio and good reputation. Average monthly wages are between $500 and $10,000. It can include payments for successfully completed campaigns and fixed salary, if a specialist works in an advertising agency or company.

Technical Support manager

The job of a Technical Support manager consists of solving users' problems with computers, software and hardware. Technical Support service can be built and organized in different ways.

There are several models of the Service: centralized, local and virtual. Technical Support service can be made in order to serve external customers (outsourcing at computer service) and internal (IT-department in major companies).

Main duties of a technical specialist are: advising users at IT issues, users' problems solving, related to office appliances maintenance, and the initial network administration. Wages of such a specialist may vary from $300 to $1,000 per job

Call-center operator

A call-center operator is a specialist who helps to get information quickly, solve a problem or make an order via the phone. An operator clarifies the problem of a customer and either solves it themselves, or transmits the call to a competent specialist.

Primary requirements to a call-center operator:

- literal and proper speech, clear articulation

- great PC skills

- sociability

- emotional stability

Average wages of a call-center operator are about $1,000. Novices earn approximately $400-$500, experienced - about $1,500. Sometimes incomes of a call-center operator consists of the fixed salary and variable part that depends on the quantity of customers attracted or completed orders.

Specialist at Instagram and YouTube channels promotion

A channel promotion specialist is engaged in creating and advertising the Instagram or YouTube community/account/channel.

They attract users into the channel, fill it with content and realize advertising campaigns.

Actually, to become a specialist at promotion, you should have skills at working with tools like Google Adwords, etc.

This job is quite similar to the one of an SMM-manager.


If you're professional at fitness, bodybuilding, etc., you can become a remote coach.

It's quite easy and handy to communicate with your apprentices via Skype, for example.

Your duties will consist of creating training programs, monitoring progress and forecasting results.

Incomes of an online coach will depend on specific customers (apprentices") you choose to collaborate with.


The main objective of a web-analyst is to improve efficiency of advertising campaigns and increase conversion of visitors into customers.


- Degree (Information Systems and Maths are preferable)
- Analytical mindset
- Experience at working with tools as Google Analytics


- Analyzing statistics of site visiting
- Analyzing statistics of advertising campaigns
- Analyzing visitors' behavior
- Preparing recommendations about site optimization for improving conversion
- Taking part in developing interfaces and websites
- Reporting

Incomes depend on experience. There are few vacancies at the market, so it's tough to estimate the level of wages. To say it rough, average earnings are about $2,000 per month.

Context-ads manager

A context-ads manager is a specialist engaging context advertising campaigns for websites.

A true qualified specialist at context advertising is that who:

- has advanced knowledge of the technology and updates it constantly
- has practical experience and skills at context advertising on different services
- has brilliant skills at installing and setting advertising campaigns and can select a strategy special for you
- can work with budget: minimizes average PPC (pay per click) and optimizes your advertisement expenditures this way
- can operate analytics, import data from systems of analysis
- is able to set and operate call-tracking interfaces
- as an advantage, is familiar with automated systems for managing context adsremote specialist

Affiliate programs manager

An affiliate programs manager is a specialist who is involved in working with affiliate relationships of the business: searches for new partners and keeping up collaboration with current ones, helps them attract more customers, organizes and develops the whole affiliate network. Actually, this specialist does scaling and increasing incomes of the company, using partners leading new clients. They earn and so does the business.

The area of activity for an affiliate programs manager is quite vast. It consists of everything related to such programs: organization, control and communication with partners.

Mobile apps developer

To become a mobile apps developer, you will have to choose your programming language and master it perfectly. Besides, you can study several courses.

Duties of a mobile apps developer are:

  • Developing apps
  • Supporting apps
  • Testing and debugging
  • Placing apps in stores

Wages depend on experience and efficiency and can vary from $1,500 to $5,000 per month and even higher, if you are a true pro.

Selling website advisor

A selling website advisor is a specialist who knows how to increase incomes of a commercial online project, transform most visitors into customers (often regular).

Though, this job is independent, a specialist who works in this realm, should be a good web-analyst, advertising manager (including context advertising) and be aware about psychology of consumers and marketing itself.

Selling website advisors are needed by:

- online stores

- commercial websites of companies realizing their products offline and online

- websites selling information products

Payments depend on proficiency and time taken to complete the work. An advisor can gain from $300 to $10,000 for a single project.

Remote PC master

A remote PC master is a specialist helping with operating a computer via Internet. They use special software (e.g. TeamViewer), which let connect to a customer's PS remotely and make some actions with it. Surely, we talk about working PCs. If a device dies, then an offline-master is needed.

There are most common services provided by remote PC masters:

- installing and updating programs, drivers and operating system
- fixing errors in system
- Updating antivirus bases, checking for viruses, "treating" infected computers
- Setting up equipment and peripherals
- Advising at computer programs maintenance

Incomes depend on volume of work and services and their difficulty.

Cost of one service varies from $10 to $50.

Makeup man

A makeup man is involved in preparing artworks of book, magazine, paper and online pages. Their job consists of typing, copying and lining text, inserting pictures and different graphical elements. Moreover, if designer functions are provided in a makeup man's duties, they are engaged in creative typography of the future printed or e-production.

Where to work:

- mass media
- advertising agencies
- designing agencies
- websites
- publishing houses

Professional skills:

- degree at web-design
- skills at working with make-up software (Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.)
- skills at HTML, CSS, FLASH, PHP

This job is another career that travel the world, as you don't have to sit at the office the whole day but can work from home. Incomes of a makeup man can be between $1,000 and $2,000 per month.future jobs

Online-event manager

An online-event manager is a specialist engaged in organizing business and entertaining events for companies and individuals.

This job fits active people kern on their activity, who like to solve unordinary problems.

Though, the job of an online-event manager is demanded, educational institutions so far don't have any programs at teaching of event organizing.

But this realm has much in common with marketing, PR, sales, so it makes sense to choose economical degree to study and departments related to marketing.


A web-designer is a specialist at computer technologies who is responsible for how a website looks and is perceived by a visitor. They create logos, banners and other graphical elements, compose the navigation through the site and select places for text materials. A designer has not only to create a noteworthy and interesting webpage, but also to take time of loading into consideration. They work in close communication with marketing specialist and brand-managers, which lets create the efficient website.

The main sphere of activity of a web-designer is stylistic, visual and program organization of the e-format information, logical and pleasant appearance of information and its graphical representation online.


A psychologistis a specialist at psychology, who is engage dinscientific study of human mind (psyche). The objective of a psychologist is to help examine the situation at the emotional level, get known better about actual needs, realize inefficient “patterns” of behavior, release from the endless circle of repeating mistakes, and then undertake measures in order to change life.

The scope of activity of a psychologist can be divided into two directions: theoretical and practical. A psychologist-researcher works in institutes and labs as a professor of psychological courses. A psychologist-expert works in all fields of private and public life of a human.

Though, it’s quite tough to call this job a career that travels the world, because personal contact is very important there, while online communication can provide the customer with restricted help due to lack of personal talk.

Writing comments and feedbacks

There are many survey-companies and other services who offer people earn with their knowledge, experience and opinion.

That’s called earning at comments and feedbacks. All you need to do is to register at the exchange of comments and feedbacks and wait for orders. When an order is ready, you click on a link, visit the page with a survey, etc., fill it out and this is it – money falls into your account.

Average income (with 4 hours a day taken for routine) is 280$ per month. Not that much, but you really can work from any place on the Earth

Writing essays, term papers and theses

This job perfectly fits very hard-working students who would love to earn money with their education and knowledge gained in universities. It’s impossible to talk much about this field of activity, because it’s quite obvious.

You place your ads about your service, specifying courses your work with, wait for customers and make them happy, releasing from routine of writing those grand-volume works.

Video voicing

There are three fields of voicing: voicing documentaries, movies and games, and cartoons.

To become a good voicer, you will have to study courses of acting and maybe singing to make your voice stronger and more stable.

Wages of a voices can vary and depends on the contract terms. Movie voicer can get up to $700 for his single work, documentary voicing costs about $200, working with cartoon will give you about $300-$400. And you can even get interests from sales for voicing a book or a game. By the way, there is the shift-payment system: some studios pay up to $500 for an 8-hour shift (for this period, you can voice 4-5 movies of 1.5 hour each).online photographer

Video marketer

A video marketer is a specialist at selling goods through videos, selling informational products, etc.

Incomes of such a specialist depends on the volume of sales.

By the way, video marketers may be needed by advertising agencies or selling organizations which want to promote their goods via Internet and require video marketing for that.

E-mail marketer

An e-mail marketer is responsible for preparing mailing. They create the strategy of e-mail marketing, design and setup trigger letters, forms the editorial policy, makes content letters, works with the base of subscribers, analyzes and optimizes key metrics of mailing.

An e-mail marketer works in the team with other employees, gives tasks for copywriters, designers, makeup men and web-analysts.


  • Skills of working with e-mail services, realization of the principle of services
  • Skills at writing attracting, selling texts
  • Basics of HTML/CSS
  • Advanced using of MS Excel
  • Mastery of the one or several photo-editing programs
  • Mastery of tools for web-analytics (Google Analytics, etc.)

Wages of such a specialist fluctuate from $2000 to $4000 per month, depending on the efficiency.


The job of a traffic-managerconsists of working at mass media field. They are responsible for timely accommodation of advertising with great quality. So, they need to be aware of laws about advertising for operative work, format and frame of the publishing house, deadlines for layouts.

A traffic-manager prepares the advertising schedule and makes some corrections if required. They establish contacts with partners, specify deadlines for layouts, notifies about possible correcting.

Wages of such a specialist depend on their professionalism and fluctuate between $2000 and $3000 per month.

Script designer

A selling script is the pre-designed conversation scenario with written speeches.

Each selling script is designed for the specific task: selling, assigning of meeting, selling at the meeting, etc.

A selling script must be designed considering the psychology of a customer, specification of the goods/service and existing successful selling patterns.

Such scripts are made by a specialist called a script designer.

They can be hired by advertising agencies and companies selling goods or providing services. Actually this is the career that travel the world, because you can compose text materials sitting on the beach with your laptop.

Remote attorney

A job of a remote attorney is a great moonlighting, letting get experience in the field of law, using just Internet and mobile phone.

Today, there are 3 possible vacancies of remote attorneys:

- remote secretary of a lawyer (assistant)
- remote legal adviser
- remote editor of a website of legal topics

But I must mention that a potential remote attorney must have the minimal set of skills and knowledge:

- to have some working experience and the degree at legal education
- to have skills of advance using of the PC, knowledge about basic office software and to be able to work with themremote career

Remote IT-specialist, sysadmin

A big business with great staff can outsource a remote IT-specialist to consult employees at issues related to PCs: maintenance, troubleshooting, installing of software, etc.

Such a specialist will answer questions and help users solve different problems during their working process.

Wages will depend on the professionalism and efficiency on sorting out problems.

Customer relations specialist (Account manager)

A customer relations manager is a specialist responsible for searching and serving customers, and establishing relationship with them. Such a specialist often represents the side of the client – watches services to be provided according to expectations of the customer and terms of the contract.

Duties of a client manager are:

  • Working with customers (searching, negotiations, counseling)
  • Processing incoming calls and e-mail;
  • Keeping documentation
  • Making contracts

Wages of a client manager vary from $400 to $3,000 per month and depends on customers to work with, business scale and duties of the manager themselves.

Product line manager

A classical product line manager (brand-manager) has duties related to the brand or a product line they are responsible for:

  • Analysis of the market situation
  • Supervising the production
  • Planning of sales, reporting, controlling distribution
  • Price formation
  • Identification and analysis of consumer preferences
  • Communication between the brand and consumer

Incomes of product line managers lie between $3,000 and $5,000 per month.


An HR-manager provides the selection of employees for vacancies, and sometimes is responsible for bearing other duties related to staff management and ensuring conditions for improving their skills.

An HR-manager communicates with people, analyzes information and makes decision, places advertisements about vacancies in mass media, Internet. They analyze great volumes of resumes, hold interviews with candidates.

Average earnings of HR-managers are about $1,500-$2,500 per month.

Actually, this job is not fully a career that travels the world, because sometimes personal interviews with candidates are needed to clarify their potential.

Business analyst

A business analyst is a specialist whose task is thoroughly examine the structure of the company, detect problems and find ways to successfully sort them out. For example, duties of a business analyst can include financial analysis of the organization, automating business activities or developing a new one, more efficient business-model which contains optimization of processes and human resources work, cutting costs, increasing incomes, etc.

Wages of a business analyst depends on the level of professional skills and experience. Today, it fluctuates from $2,000 to $5,000 per job


A PR-manager is a qualified specialist whose main objective is to create positive public reputation of the company. Image of the business directly depends on the work of such professionals.

Primary duties of PR-managers:

  • Knowledge at basics and principles of PR-management and advertising
  • Knowledge at basics of marketing, management, economics
  • Skills of working with business correspondence
  • Ability to create PR-strategies and knowledge at PR-campaigns principles
  • Media-planning skills
  • Ability to write articles, feedbacks, press-releases, advertising materials
  • Experience at organization of expositions, etc.
  • Mastery of office software

Wages of PR-managers lie between $1,000 and $3,000 per month.


A writer is a person who creates some comprehended text (composition) and earns for life with that. So, it is not enough just to write a text, put it into the box or a drawer or place it in the blog. Writers have the defined audience of readers, and this is their main or one of most important activities.

Magazine editor

A magazine editor is engaged not only in the process of making author materials look according to the format of some kind of mass media or a publishing house. There is another important objective among duties of such a specialist – distribution of author assignments and control over their timely and qualitative execution. Besides, editor’s objective is to popularize the company they work in. So, all information must be actual, precise, properly and fully given. Incomes of magazine editors vary from $1,000 and $2,000 per month.


To become a qualified tutor, you need:

- Full competency in the field you are going to teach
- Knowledge at psychology of pupils, students, teens and adults
- Ability to write and speak literally and properly

You have to get a degree at some field (foreign language, Chemistry, Physics, Math), and pedagogical degree is preferable. And you should get acquainted with basics of psychology, as I’ve already mentioned.

So, as you can think, incomes of tutors differ and depend on courses and time of working with a single student.

There are many handy videos, articles and books about remote jobs on the Net. If you feel the lack of motivation to master them, you can apply for courses where you will be told of basics of remote working and taught to earn 1-100$ a week from the very beginning and with no experience.
I wish you to master one or several careers that travel the world which will give you happiness and joy from gaining money at any convenient time and place!

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