A Brilliant Forex Strategy! 5 Signs Of A Good Strategy!
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A Brilliant Forex Strategy! Start Profitable Trading Right Now!

A Brilliant Forex Strategy! Start Profitable Trading Right Now!

There are lots of "amazing" forex strategies, but only few are profitable. Everybody can call their strategy "the masterpiece of trading art", but it's by far tougher to create a reliable strategy.

So, each trader looking for a strategy good for them, must understand differences between repainted algorithms and really working ones. In the previous article, we were talking about detecting repainted trading systems, along with features of reliable strategies.


1.Enormously Profitable Or Useless?
2.Brilliant Forex Strategies' Attributes
3.Expected Values

Enormously Profitable or Useless?

There is plenty of trading algorithms on the Net, some of which lead to gaining with the correct approach, and others lead to equal losses, regardless of the usage way. Don't think you can't find a strategy giving you 100% of your deposit per month. They are very few, but they still exist. Actually, a successful trader invented an excellent forex strategy, can never conceal his algorithm for too long. Sooner or later, either his friend, a trader-blogger reveals it, or the author publishes it. Novices are often able to take pros' experience, because not many traders hide their systems.

Brilliant Forex Strategies' Attributes!

  1. Usually, truly profitable strategies don't need many tools - it's up to their quality, not quantity. There may be 3 indicators, several non-indicator analysis rules or some fundamental indices. If the strategy does have lots of tools, it's the first sign of unreliability and more indicators for bolting false signals needed. Surely, there mustn't be very few instruments. Only novices can trade with a couple of indicators or look for 1-2 figures in the chart. It isn't useful, and leads to losses in most times. The best quantity is 3-5 trading tools.
  2. All trading strategy laws must be logically connected to each other. If you see confusing stuff in the material, you either cannot work with that due to lack of knowledge, or the algorithm is dumb. Both ways will make you suffer losses. You must know the strategy to the core. Actually, it's possible to trade without drilling a strategy, but thus, you won't be able to adjust it or sort out a difficult situation.forex-strategies-1
  3. Fair trading system must touch all trading points - not only market forecasts. In other words, it must tell you when to place StopLosses and TakeProfits, to leave the market, to trend-trade or to trade against the trend, etc. All of that, including exceptions, should be described in a reliable trading strategy. Otherwise, you won't be able to work with that, because trend defining is only a half the battle. You have to close the order in time. Most traders lose having a bad order overtimed or closing a good one too fast.
  4. Usually, brilliant forex strategies are created by real people you can get in touch with. Every well-done strategy has its author, or it's just a scam: you will lose your money buying it, and then wasting your stash. You should look for an author in social networks (they often create own communities), and sometimes you can find contacts in the description of the strategy.
  5. If a strategy is popular enough, you must meet positive reviews on the Net. But look for them on third-party websites, as those at authors' websites and pages can be deleted or edited. You may find several negative comments because there is always anybody losing money because of incorrect working with a strategy.forex-strategies-40

Expected Values!

Modern trading uses expected values in analyses. It means the ratio of your potential profit to potential losses, defined by set TakeProfits and StopLosses. For instance, you've bought a dollar. StopLoss is set 10 points lower than buy-level, and TakeProfits - 15 points higher. Thus, your expected value is 15/10. They say that index must be more than 1, otherwise your order is potentially unprofitable. I don't agree with that statement, though.

In fact, you can't always set that little StopLosses or TameProfits according to your strategy or market movements. Nevertheless, such investment can probably turn to be unprofitable. Pay attention to the formula above. It shoes which risk you can correctly take. Along with potential profits and losses, it uses the probability. So, if you are very likely to gain, make the deal even with low expected value. Another point: if this probability is not that high, and you van lose more that win, you'd better keep yourself from such deal.forex-strategies-2


I'd love to add there are very fee brilliant forex strategies may be found on the Net. Traders don't love to talk about their activities and profits, let alone their strategies. They can seldom show a screenshot of their terminal, but don't wait for trading secrets.

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