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Binary Options Trading! “Three Black Crows” Strategy!

Binary Options Trading! “Three Black Crows” Strategy!

Greetings, friends, it’s John Foster. Today I’d like to tell you about another trading strategy which I’ve recently gotten known about. This strategy is simple and doesn’t require any additional indicators and other tools, but it actually works – you can be proven with screenshots of my trading terminal below. This strategy was studied by me, and then it was quite adjusted and improved, and as the result we have a reliable algorithm for beginners, giving almost no fails. You will now learn how to use “Three Black Crows” binary options trading strategy.


1.How to Trade with “Three Black Crows” Strategy?
2.My Story of Trading!
3.Some Nuances!
4.Alternative Way of Trading!
5.Advantages of the Binary Options Strategy “Three Black Crows”!


How to Trade with “Three Black Crows” Strategy?

Step 1! First of all, you have to find a strong trend at the chart. A strong chart contains several one-direction bars – 7 and more, as it’s pictured below. You are recommended to look for such situation at all assets offered by a broker, as strong trends rarely occur, and if you work with the only quotation, you are not likely to gain that much. You may change quotations fast, change to shares and stocks. Once the strong trend is found – move to the next step.

Step 2! After the strong trend is found, watch the chart thoroughly, waiting for 3 bars in the opposite direction, as it is in the image below.


Step 3! Once the third bar is closed – enter the market in the direction of the new trend. If the previous tendency was uptrend – buy a Put option, and if it was downtrend – buy a Call option.

Pay attention that most binary options brokers suppose that one can buy an option at certain time. So, once you’ve clicked on the matching button, you are in a queue, but haven’t bought anything yet.It doesn’t matter at all, as having clicked on a button, you fix the price, and thus, the strategy will work.


Step 4! In most cases the strategy gives the positive result, and we gain profits. But one shouldn’t stop with it, and should engage scaling up if the order is profitable and averaging down if it’s not. You can study both these gaining principles in the article “Averaging Down and Scaling Up!”. Be advised that they are my own author’s adjustments not available in the original strategy. And they significantly increase the profit up to 300% from the initial value. If you doubt your skills, try to start trading without scaling up (boosting), but then change for sure to the more complexed and profitable trading. Remember: scaling up and averaging down are the secret of most professionals of the financial market, letting them gain 3 times more than novices.

My Story of Trading!

As for me, I’ve acquainted with the original version of this binary options strategy. The principle was quite simple, I tested it, and as it turned, the system gives profits. But I didn’t stopped at it, having implemented principles of scaling and averaging and discovered some nuances you will be told of further.For the first day of trading with the order of 50 $, I could have gained about 2000 $; for the next day, with using scsaling – I’ve managed to earn almost 5000 $. Further results of trading were similar to previous ones.

Some Nuances!

To engage binary options strategy “Three Black Crows” more profitably, you are recommended to realize the following rules:

  1. A strong trend must contain 7 bars of the same direction, but sometimes it can be that 1-2 neutral (when the price is still) bars can pass through them or a one in the opposite direction. In such case, the trend is still strong, and the strategy will work yet.
  2. “Three Black Crows” binary options strategy is recommended with turbo-options.
  3. Novices would better use Martingale instead of scaling or averaging, if they doubt their skills.
  4. To make trading fast, watch all the assets’ chart, looking for a strong trend.
  5. The strategy works either for uptrend, or for downtrend, despite the original strategy works with uptrend only.
  6. The trading is best in European and American sessions, when market movement is most volatile. Time for trading – from 4:00 AM to 8:00 PM (GMT).
  7. Recommended deposit is 250 $ and more. You can top it up with fewer funds, but in such case, you won’t be able to engage scaling or averaging, along with Martingale, as for those ones, you have to double bets, which is quite difficult on the minor deposit. Roughly speaking, the greater is your account, the less are risks that can be taken, and as the result, the sooner are your profits to come.binary-options-strategies-2

Alternative Way of Trading!

The strong trend is optional for this binary options strategy, as there is the alternative way. If the first bar against current uptrend or downtrend closes lower/higher than the half of the previous one, then opening of the third opposite bar is the signal for its change. To make it clear thoroughly, check this video out:

Advantages of the Binary Options Strategy “Three Black Crows”!

  1. This strategy is not very difficult, so, can be used by beginners. It is by far complicated by “Signals Trading” or “Martingale”, but give much more profits.
  2. The algorithm doesn’t use indicators, and so, can’t lead to a fail because of incorrect computer program working. It’s up to the certain trader.
  3. Accuracy of signals of the strategy is 90%, which is quite high parameter for technical analysis. In other words, 9/10 orders you make will turn in profits.
  4. “Three Black Crows” strategy is great combined with Martingale, scaling and averaging, which can significantly multiply profitability. In fact, having used all the add-ons correctly, you can engage this strategy as a professional one with 100-150% profits of the initial deposit per month.


Let’smakeaconclusion. In this article, you’ve gotten known how use the binary options strategy “Three Black Crows”. Its essence is the estimating the trend change via the bar-chart. To gain profits with it, one should stick to the algorithm above, and to increase profitability – use scaling and averaging, or, in the first stages, Martingale. Trading with this strategy is possible with the one broker – broker, as only this one lets work with the bar-chart. Accuracy of the strategy is more than 90%, profitability is 60-70% without scaling and more than 150% with it.

Alternative Binary Options Strategies For Beginners!

Good luck and gain much!
Best Regards, John Foster.

Strategy Trend-Trading Trading Against The Trend Trading With The Scale Of Choice Signals News Martingale
 Difficulty (1-10)  2  4  3  1  4  1
 Recommended Deposit 200$+  250$+  200$+ 150$+  300$+  500$+
 Analysis Type Technical  Technical Psychological Technical Fundamental  Technical
Accuracy (profitable orders from total)  7/10  8/10  7/10  7,5/10  9/10 5/10
Profitability (% of the initial deposit per month)  50%  65%  55%  50%  60%  55%
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