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Best FOREX Trading Strategies for Beginners and Pros!

Best FOREX Trading Strategies for Beginners and Pros!

Hey, it’s John Foster. All forex traders can be divided into two groups: those who think why can gain without any trading strategy and those who are serious about trading and eager to find a profitable and comprehensive system. What do you think – who will make money? I think, this question doesn’t require any answers. Only thorough work with a certain algorithm can lead to profits, and if you trade with your intuition only, trying to guess the direction of the rate – sooner or later you will waste your deposit. Another question: where to find a profitable and clear trading strategy? There are many forex trading strategies on the Net, but most of them are described unapproachable for beginners, having many inaccuracies, and sometimes such strategies are complete bullshit. Thus, several months ago I started searching for reliable trading systems, improving them and describing in a clear way of step-by-step instructions. In this finishing article you will get the list of 9 forex trading strategies, and will learn how to distinguish a good algorithm from an unprofitable one.


1.Best Forex Trading Strategies!
2.Good and Bad Strategies!
3.Are Strategies Approachable or Exclusive?
4.Signs of Bad Strategies!
5.Finishing! Brokers Rating!


Best Forex Trading Strategies!

This list is not a rating one, because it’s quite difficult to define which strategy is better and which one is worse. Ones are for professionals, others – for beginners; ones use indicators, others use visual analysis methods; ones take 4-5 hours a day, others – 1-2 hours a week. Study the brief descriptions of each algorithm and choose yourself, which one suits you best. So, here is this list of best forex trading strategies:

“The Victory”

“The Victory” trading strategy is an algorithm for pro-traders, which uses indicators. However, the step-by-step instruction lets smart novices study it. 3 indicators are the base of the strategy, and they, despite the opinion of some traders, are not late with signals. The system allows to estimate the turn of the daily trend, and to make money with corrections from the major trend. The strategy is designed for short-term trading (scalping) and gives up to 120% of the initial deposit per month.



“The Start” is made for pro-traders and for newbies. The former ones get the opportunity to trade in calm mode, spending just half-hour a day for working, and the latter ones will be able to understand all the rules of the strategy and gain 50-60% per month. We will trade in London session. This algorithm uses no indicators.



“The7” is also designed for beginners. At least, its step-by-step instruction must be approachable for everybody. The system uses 2 moving averages for forecasting, and one visual analysis method. Average profitability is 60-70% per month.


“The Swing”

The uniqueness of “The Swing”strategy is that profits exceed losses 3 times in case of a right signal because of great spread between StopLosses and TakeProfits. The accuracy of signals is not that great – just 6/10 right signals, however, as profits reasonably exceed losses, we can gain up to 60% of the initial deposit per month. Besides, one additional rule is described in the main article. It lets increase the profitability to 130%. Actually, this rule is approachable for pro-traders only, but if you use this strategy for 2-4 weeks, you will surely be able to engage it then.


“The Inside Bar”

Non-indicator forex trading strategy “The Inside Bar”is based on the one graphical pattern – the inside bar, which is thoroughly described in the main article, with some demonstrative pictures. Any timeframe can be used with this system – either a long-term one, or a short-term one. Initial rules are amazingly simple and approachable for beginners, and then you will be able to combine this strategy with another one, which also uses graphical patterns for analysis. Profitability of “The Inside Bar” strategy is 70-90%.



“Price Action” trading strategy is one of the most famous non-indicator trading strategies. It uses different graphical patterns, such as Pin-Ban, for instance. In the main article, 2 most approachable and profitable patterns are described, and there you can download the full instruction to the strategy with the description to all available tools, but I advise novices to use only those two ones described in the article. Profitability of the strategy is up to 110% per month.


The only strategy of fundamental analysis approachable for newbies is “News Scalp”. On this portal, you can find the “Economical Calendar”, where the most significant indicators and parameters affecting price movements are published. They are GDP, inflation rate, unemployment rate, interest rate, etc. In the main article of the strategy you will learn how to make money with this Calendar. The accuracy of trading signals is 9.5/10, profitability of the strategy is about 80% per month, as we don’t often open orders.



As for me, “Sniper” is the best non-indicator forex trading strategy. Though, it’s designed for pro-traders, but there is a way for novices. You can use not all the rules of the system, but only engage Consolidation Zones. The simplified version is thoroughly desctibed in the strategy “Breaking The Flat”. Profitability with ordinary rules, deposit boosting and the Safe rule is up to 200% per month.



And the last strategy I am describing here is my own one – “The Merger”. It combines tools of indicator and non-indicator analysis, thus, it has the phenomenal accuracy – 9.9/10 right signals. With this feature, you can violate money-management rules and enter the market with orders three times exceeding your standard one. The system lets predict the turn of the trend with more accuracy and earn with its whole movement. Despite the quantity rarely exceeds 10 per month, profitability of this strategy is up to 300%. To trade with this algorithm, you will have to study several adjacent trading systems, remember them and learn to define more than 10 graphical patterns, and make clear how RSI indicator works. Based on said, I don’t recommend using this algorithm for beginners. For the start, you can use “Price Action” Or “Breaking The Flat”, and only then, in a couple of months, change to “The Merger” and gain like a pro.


Good and bad strategies!

“Repainted strategies”, “Broken systems”, “Wasting algorithms” – there are lots of names given by traders to unprofitable strategies, though, few of them can say hot to distinguish them. From the first sight, a strategy can seem attractive, but with longer examination, especially by a professional, it becomes a wasting system, which can never lead to any profits. How to distinguish bad strategies? You’ll get known further. And now I can assure you that all the strategies from the list above are tested by me personally, some of them are adjusted, and thus, they will let you gain stable profits, but only if you study their rules thoroughly. It can be done, if you click on the name of a system and move to the main article of it. Don’t confuse unprofitable strategies and those which lead to losses for a trader. Actually, one can lose with any, even the most risk-free strategy, being unserious to this work and study rules anyhow. I recommend re-read the step-by-step instruction 5 times before starting trading. In this case, you will learn all the rules by heart and will follow them – it’s the guarantee for your profits.

Are strategies approachable or exclusive?

Don’t listen to those who say only sophisticated ones can make money at forex. If a trader states that – they have very high self-esteem; and if it’s said by an ordinary person – they have lost at forex some time ago and don’t want to admit they were that lazy to study the easiest trading strategy. Remember: everybody can make money at financial exchanges! But, there is one condition: this “everybody” must spend about 10 hours to drill the strategy thoroughly before trading. After that, they must certainly follow rules of the strategy and not change them during the work. If you don’t understand what you are told of in the strategy – study the “Encyclopedia For Dummies”. There, you will get known about traders’ terms (bulls, trend, timeframe, StopLoss), and some simplest analysis methods (how to estimate the trend, how to set support and resistance levels).best-forex-trading-strategies-10

I must mention now: most of those strategies which are listed above, are designed for more or less experienced traders. Actually, if you are a novice studied the “Encyclopedia” and you know some about trading, it’s quite possible for you to study a system and gain profits with it. But if you meet some difficulties with understanding, don’t be disappointed. You’d better start with forex trading strategies described in the article “Trading Strategies For Beginners”.

All the systems listed above have standard rules (in the step-by-step instruction) and additional ones, explained separately. Additional rules are designed for tough traders, while main rules are for novices. If you are the first time at forex and doubt you will be able to use additional rules efficiently (deposit boosting, two-orders entrance, the Safe rules), then trade using standard ones for 2-4 weeks. Experience shows that a month later you will get enough skills to engage additional rules and trade with doubled, and sometimes trebled profits. The main point is not to hurry – you’ll have time to make money – the whole life!

4 Signs of bad strategies!

  1. If you see profits in money (1000 $) in the description of the strategy, you are likely to be cheated. The matter is profitability at forex is calculated in percent of the initial deposit. Thus, if you have 500 $ in stash – you will have respectful profits, and if you have 1000 $ - your profits will be twice bigger; and you are not supposed to gain anything with only 10 bucks, as trading is risky with such deposit, and you will need to violate money-management rules. Profitability of paid trading strategies or robots is often shown in dollars, but think yourself: can a trader with 10,000 $ deposit earn as much as a trader with 10 bucks-deposit working with the same strategy? Profitability of strategies on this site are shown only in percent of the initial deposit. To calculate your income in money – decide how much you will have in disposal. I recommend to start with at least 500$ and more.
  2. If a strategy uses more than 5 analysis tools (it especially touches indicators), then this algorithm is likely to be inaccurate and entangled. As a rule, 2-4 indicators are sufficient, and sometimes it’s good with only 1 to analyze the market and trade with profits. The exception is strategies based on graphical patterns. In those cases, you can use as many patterns as you only wish, but you will barely remember more than 20, for sure.
  3. If they want to charge you for a trading strategy, without proving its profitability (no screenshots or demo-versions), you’ve met a scam. I think it’s not needed to explain why. Actually, I highly don’t recommend to buy a strategy, as on this website, you can find a profitable strategy and get it absolutely free. As for me, you should pay only for master-classes of pro-traders, but never for an instruction to a strategy.
  4. If an article describing a strategy has no references to its author or a person adjusted or tested it, this article is likely to be written not by a trader, but on request. You will get no practical usefulness from it, as the one who wrote it, has never traded at forex.


So, mydescriptionofbesttradingstrategiesisover. And let’s sum up. Everybody can earn at forex, but only if they use a strategy. The strategy must be not only profitable, but also comprehensive for you. Clicking on any system in the list above, you can read a step-by-step instruction for it. If it’s not approachable for you – drill the “Encyclopedia For Dummies” or choose a strategy from the “List For Novices”. Follow all the rules of the step-by-step instruction and you will get the guaranteed profit. You can choose a broker for forex trading from the table below.

Get lucky and gain much with best forex trading strategies!

Best Regards, John Foster.

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