Earning with Binary Options - Stable Growth Strategy
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Approachable Earning with Binary Options - TOP-6 Secrets of Stable Income Using Author's Strategy

Approachable Earning with Binary Options - TOP-6 Secrets of Stable Income Using Author's Strategy


1.How to Choose the Ideal Trading Tool?
2.Rules of Trading Using "Secret Ally" Strategy
2.1. How to Open a Profitable Order?
2.2. Safety Rules - Risk-Free Earning with Binary Options!
3.How to Make the Strategy More Profitable?
3.1 Keep to Risk-Management!
4.Demonstrative Example of "Secret Ally" Reliability
4.1. So How Much Can One Gain Using a Simple Trading Strategy?
5. For the Afterword

Greetings, friends! Glad to see you at Pamm-Trade! My article is made for those who look for stable earning with binary options using minimum investments. "But can it be so?" - you may ask me. Because the truth "no sweet without sweat" is quite old. I'm ready to assure you: the simplicity of my strategy "Secret Ally" never means money will always fall on you from nowhere. All I can say is that engaging this method, you can gain up to 70% of the initial deposit, spending less than a half-hour a week for that. Not bad, isn't it?

 How to Choose the Ideal Trading Tool?

We will work with long-term options, trading with currency pairs containing Japanese yen. For those who meet the term of binary options for the first time, I strongly recommend the full-detailed instruction for trading. Why do we need trading with yen? Currency pairs bearing yen are inclined to sustained trends. The direction of a tendency there can stay still for 1-2 months. And price jumps are usually noted in the beginning of the week. So, having defined the direction of the price on Monday, we can make a quite accurate forecast that it will remain until Friday. The only exception is USD/JPY pair. Dollar makes the quote less predictable, as there are always many news about it during the week. Hence, for trading with this strategy, we'll use pairs like GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY. You will also feel good with CHF/JPY, AUD/JPY and CAD/JPY.  You'd better use the strategy at 2-3 pairs at the same time, as flat is rarely noted in pairs with yen. And in this case we don't enter the market.

 Rules of Trading Using "Secret Ally" Strategy

There are not many rules in the algorithm and they're approachable even for a novice. If you stick to them, the accuracy of "Secret Ally" can reach 89-93%. Then 9/10 options are closed in profits. So, closing orders just 3-4 times a months, we will get 50-70% of the initial deposit in profit. It is not that enormous, but stable earning with binary options can't be excessive. Remember, that one may provide themselves with the sustainable income only following rules of money-management!

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 How to Open a Profitable Order?

To earn with movement of a currency pair, you need to make the following steps:

  1. First, choose a reliable broker providing the opportunity to trade with long-term binary options. As for me, I prefer Utrader (reviews about it can be found in the previous article). When registered and opened an broker's account, move to the next step.
  2. Before trading, we have to setup MetaTrader4 trading terminal. If it isn't installed on your device yet, you can do it through the link https://www.belforfx.com/ at BelforFx broker's website.
    After installing and running the program, open chart of currency pairs with yen.  For that, click on Market Watch (on the toolbar), choose the needed quote (for example, EUR/JOY) and click the mouse right button on it. Then, in the opened window, choose the line Chart Window and switch to the H4 timeframe at the currency pair chart. MetaTrader4 trading terminal
  3. We'll enter the market via the trend on Monday, about 12 PM. By this time, first 3 candlesticks at the 4-hour chart are formed. They are the thing that helps predict the direction of the price for the week. Usually, each week starts with a short movement against the global trend. It's the true sign that we should buy an option toward the direction where the chart was been moving to during last 1-2 weeks. bearish trend
  4.  In the picture, we can see a global bearish trend. During 3 weeks in a row, 2 growing candlesticks and 1 falling are formed on Mondays. It says that the trend will be moving downward and won't change its direction the following week, and we can see it further. And the longer is the body of candlesticks, the stronger is the direction of the trend.
  5. The second signal to enter the market is impulse movements of the price after a flat. In the image below, we can see the exact situation like this. In this very case, the appearance of 3 falling bars after a long sideways movement is the signal to buy a PUT option. signal to buy a Put option
  6.  And the last situation when we buy an option is the emergence of an impulse bar(i.e. a bar with the body of more than 100 pips) toward the tendency direction. One can measure this parameter using the tool called "Crosshair". bullish trend

Safety Rules - Risk-Free Earning with Binary Options!

There are some cases when we shouldn't enter the market. They are:

  1. Dojo's bar appearance in the beginning of the trading week. This candlestick usually predicts the trend change or the start of the flat in the market. As we need stable earning with binary options, we don't enter the market in this case. Doji candlestick
  2. After splitting periods in the chart, 2 and more bars of small body (less than 30 pips) are formed toward the global trend. They also predict the change of the price movement direction or its abrupt jumps during the week. price trend direction change

How to Make the Strategy More Profitable?

It often occurs at the chart of currency pairs with yen that a flat continues for several weeks in a row or signals appear telling us not to enter the market. But what do we have? Half-month without profits? I can answer: you'd better wait during the flat. Moreover, we have another strategy that gave $700 to me for a day of trading!

And when Dojo candlesticks or bars with short body appear, we can use another trick giving us additional earning with binary options. Actually, for that, we'll have to track the currency chart for a week. We need price jumps letting us gain during the day. As they usually appear after significant news are published, we'll have to study the economical calendar. Select events affecting currencies from your pair and switch the terminal to the M1  timeframe. Once the news is out - compare the real index with the expected one, analyze how the news affects price. After that - open a 60-second option according to the type of the news. For example, on March 3, 2016, there was an important news about pound sterling.important economical news Business index in services measuring the level of purchase managers' activity, was worse than expected. It means cutting purchases, which, in its turn, indicates worsening of the British economy. More information about how news affect price movement can be found in the article about fundamental market analysis. I recommend this one for those who really want to figure out the structure and essence of financial markets.

Hence, GBP will fall and the quote of GBP/JPY will go downward. This situation can be noticed at the trading terminal chart.news trend As the price movement after the news is published is quite short, one should not open an option for longer than 1 minute.

Keep to Risk-Management!

Opening an order, we must remember about the following moments: Investment in the long-term option opened for 5 days, mustn't exceed 20% of the deposit. And we can't allocate more than 5% to buy short-term options. It's related to the fact that currency pairs can behave unpredictably when news are published. If a 60-second position becomes unprofitable - you need to use averaging method. For that, open an option in the direction like the previous one, having doubled investment amount. Thus, profit of the second deal will cover the loss from the first one. So, our earning with binary options will remain stable. In the beginning and middle of the trading week, you have to pay attention to studying economical calendar. If it's impossible for you to define the movement of the trend on Monday, you will be able to do this after important news are published.

Demonstrative Example of "Secret Ally" Reliability

Having entered the MT4 terminal in the beginning of the week, we can see the following situation.currency market forecast There come 3 candlesticks at the chart, moving against the global trend which has changed its direction last week. According to strategy rules, buy the Call option until Friday. currency profitable order In the end of the week, value the result of the order and count the earning with binary options. option order profit

 So How Much Can One Gain Using a Simple Trading Strategy?

Let's check it out! Buying options 3-4 times a month, we'll get 9-12 order for 3 months. Taking accuracy of the strategy into consideration, we can say 8-11 of them will close in profits. As a broker usually pays 75% profits, investing 400$ in an option, we'll have 700$ in profits from each order. Therefore, we will earn 5,600-7,700$ for 3 months. Trading after news are published, we will add about 1,000$ to our deposit. Totally, by the year of trading with "Secret Ally" algorithm, our deposit will gain 26,640-34,800$. So, spending just a half-hour a week, you will get the average salary of a firefighter or driver. So why there are too few people who truly make money with binary options? The answer to the problem “who gains from the statement this way of earning is nothing but scam” may be read here. This strategy is especially good because it saves much time. It can be spent at studying other, more profitable ones, and at trading with them. While "Secret Ally" will provide you with a safe reserve for experimenting with options.

 For the Afterword

"Secret Ally" is the ideal strategy for a novice, as far as I'm concerned. Its rules are extremely simple and its profit is stable. Surely, you can look for another way promising enormous gaining. But think whether it will able to provide you with such reliable addition to the deposit? And, besides, you get new opportunities with this strategy. Because your deposit will grow steadily! And thus, you will be able to invest more in options without any risk to lose initial investments. That's why, if you look for approachable earning with binary options, this trading strategy is exactly what you need. But don't simply believe me! Try and assure yourself in it!


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