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60-Seconds Binary Options Strategies! Everything for Success!

60-Seconds Binary Options Strategies! Everything for Success!


1.My “Easy” Start!
2.You Guys Drive Me Crazy!
3.60-Seconds Binary Options Strategies!
4.What Does Strategy Give?
5.Just a Story!
6.Finishing! Brokers List!

My Easy Start!

Hey, it’s John Foster and today I am to show you a 60-second binary options strategies list. Some of them fit to other timeframes. Before the essence, let me tell you my story of binary options trading. Then you will understand why I decided to do so.

Well, in 2010 your obedient servant has been known about binary options markets and chose to change bothering forex for them. As an experienced exchange trader, I understood that the strategy is need here too, though options are by far simpler than forex. I realized that if I had come to the market without any binary options strategy, I was going to waste all the deposit. It can seem to be easy to use forex algorithms with options. But there is a shade: those require indicators and figures drawing available in terminals only. In binary options market, you trade online on the site and cannot draw anything. Then I began to look for a strategy for newbies.

It was quite hard in those times to find a good binary options strategy. Surely, there were some already made algorithms, but as an experienced trader I knew that all that stuff was dumb. Finally, in almost couple of months, … No. ALMOST COUPLE OF MONTHS LATER I have eventually found more or less good trading strategy for newbies – “Trend-Opposing Trading”. Of course, it was half-described, though, quite simple. I caught the idea, created own rules and started trading, improving the algorithm while working, removing unnecessary rules and making the strategy more profitable and easier. I have succeeded in gaining, but killed almost couple of months to find it.

Why did I tell that? I just wanted you to realize how difficult my first steps were and how simple yours are now. Why simple? Because my website has several perfectly done and tested profitable strategies for novices with approachable rules. Think they are too toug hand genius? Wrong! My goal was not to create a million-gaining algorithm but the one accessible for everybody first time meeting stuff like that. And my goal is done!binary-options-strategies-2

You Guys Drive Me Crazy!

Everything you need now is to follow table links and learn any strategy in 3-4 steps and start profitable trading. Can some one say it’s tough? Idon’tthinkso. Then answer my question: WHY do traders are so lazy about that – entering the exchange without a strategy and wasting deposits, and then swearing at binary options and brokers? Forgive my emotions but I have received some message like “You stuff is a crap, I lost my money.” I always ask: “Which strategy did you use?” That one doesn’t understand anything. But in most my articles I always warn: do not enter the exchange without a strategy, which can be drilled on my site. But no effect. Yeah, there are some successful guys doing well – you can read about them in “Stories Of Success”, but I can’t understand what hinders everybody from that. Hope you got me and won’t repeat your unsuccessful colleague’s mistakes.

Here’s my long-awaited list of 5 strategies for novices.

60-Seconds Binary Options Strategies!

Strategy Trend Trading Against Trend Scale of Choice Signals News Martingale
 Difficulty Level (1-10)  2  4  3  1  4  1
 Recommended Deposit 200$+  250$+  200$+ 150$+  300$+  500$+
Analysis  Technical   Technical Psychological  Technical  Fundamental   Technical
Accuracy (profitable orders to all)  7/10  8/10  7/10  7,5/10  9/10 5/10
 Profitability (% of original deposit per month)  50%  65%  55%  50%  60%  55%

I specially didn’t mention any false strategies as I realize most readers are novices. Nevertheless, for strategies’ terms recognizing, visit “Dummies’ Encyclopedia”. It won’t take long, but you’ll get all the basic options knowledge and will be able to understand any article or a trader.

What Does Strategy Give?

  1. No need to repeat that only strategies lead to gaining. Without any of them – you’ll be done in a week, maybe earlier. So, thestrategygivestheopportunity to earn. I'm often asked: “What are options: a job or a casino?” and I always answer: “A job for those who use trading strategies and a casino for all others.” It’s simple truth not known by everybody – I can understand them. But I can’t comprehend those who know that very truth but still enter the exchange without a strategy. Or never enter, pleased with their routines and trifling wages.
  2. Maybe, you'll manage gaining without an algorithm - I know some who could. If you're always lucky, you can guess right, but don't count on stability and high money then. I knew a guy who won 7.5 times of 10 and gained much. But someday his luck left him, while another traders continued earning with strategies. But my real thought is the strategy lets you improve and increase profits, because any algorithm can be adjusted or replaced with a new one. What about luck - even lucky ones can't be luckier. Fortune is noble, but every trader can work without it, even when it scre.. leaves you.
  3. Using trading strategy, you can insure your risks, because you open orders in best time. If it's a bad day, you are free to open 2-3 positions, and if it goes good - burst 20 ones if you like and gain! But why 60-seconds binary options strategies? Are another timeframes really less profitable? No. You can freely use day-options if preferred, but that very exchange's advantage is the opportunity for 2 hours earn equally to a day at forex. With 15-60-seconds turbo-options, you don't have to stay more than 2 hours a day at the terminal. Remaining time is fully yours.binary-options-strategies-3

Just a Story!

Recently, I met Vitaly Victorov, currently gaining at the exchange. He said his first thoughts about that have been negative because of wasting deposit. But he can be understood - he didn't know strategy was essential for profitable trading. Nevertheless, he never gave up, learned 60-seconds binary options strategy "Trading Against Trend" and now he gains much three months in a row. That was yet another case telling you should use a strategy to get profits.


So, having a list of strategies, it's up to you now. Read "Dummies' Encyclopedia", if new to terms, learn any novice-algorithm, choose a broker and start working for profits. It's quite simple - not that simple, though, as in brokers' commercials, but there is nothing too tough. Having done everything right, you'll start gaining and change your life. Counting on luck and intuition, you'll be done. Hope you'll choose first.

Gain profits and get lucky!

Best Regards, John Foster.

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