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1-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy! The Easiest FOREX Trading with One Indicator!

1-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy! The Easiest FOREX Trading with One Indicator!

Greetings, friends. It’s John Foster, and I proceed giving you profitable forex trading strategies. Last time, we’ve figured out “The Victory” strategy, letting gain up to 120% profits per month, though, this strategy is designed for pro-traders. Today, I’d love to describe the algorithm which everybody could use for trading. This forex scalping strategy is called, quite banal, but it is – “The Scalper”. Despite of its plain name, results of the testing show 7.5-8/10 right signals, and that is very good, considering it’s made for beginners.


1.What Is Needed for Trading?
2.How to Use 1-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy “The Scalper”?
3.Some Nuances!
4.How to Increase Profits Twice?

What Is Needed for Trading?

  1. First of all, you need MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading terminal. It can be downloaded during the registration at the broker.
  2. “The Scalper” strategy uses indicators, but there is no necessary tools in default at the terminal. To get the opportunity to trade with the algorithm, download the archive attached to this article and install in to MetaTrader. To do all that right, I recommend to get acquainted with “Instruction For Indicator Installing”.
  1. Surely, you need a real broker’s account. Feel free to choose a reliable company from the table below. For comfortable trading, I advise to top up your deposit with 200$ and more, to choose the leverage 1:100 or 1:500, and the fixed spread.

How to Use 1-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy “The Scalper”?

Trading is quite simple, and only one indicator is used, though, if you violate trading strategy rules, you risk to lose your money. Thus, I’ve written the step-by-step instruction, which I call every reader interested in profits to follow:

Step 1! First of all, set indicators from the archive right to MetaTrader terminal. This operation is not difficult – you just have to copy 2 files from the archive to the “Indicators” folder. Wheretofindthisfolder? Readtheinstruction.

Step 2! Choose any currency pair and open a minute-chart for it. You will work there. After that, follow this chain: Insert – Indicators – User – Scalper_MA. You’ll be shown the window of the indicator insert, just click OK. Don’t change anything in settings.

Step 3! Everything’s ready for trading. Just wait for the signal of the indicator. Very simple: buy a quotation when the indicator shows the arrow up, and sell it when the indicator shows down. You can see the work of Scalper_MA in the image below.

Step 4! One the signalappears, openaneworder. StopLoss must be set in 10 pips from the opened order, and TakeProfit – in 15-20 pips. If you are always at the terminal, you can miss the TakeProfit.

Step 5! Leave the market in case when Scalper_MA gives the converse signal, or the price passes 30 pips toward us. It’s risky to keep the order open longer – you’d better leave and wait for a new


Some Nuances!

To use the 1-minute forex scalping strategy “The Scalper”, you can use some additional tools and rules. It will make the strategy by far more difficult, then if you doubt you can, trade without them, and later, having gotten some experience – apply them to your work.

  • To increase the profitability of the strategy – enter the market not exactly when the indicator shows the arrow, but a bit later. You should wait until the price passes more than 2 pips toward you and 7 bars close. Once these 2 conditions are met, but the indicator doesn’t change the color – enter the market following general rules.With that, you miss some part of profits, but increase accuracy of your trading and will suffer less losses.
  • In the archive you’ve downloaded, there is the second indicator – “Channel”. It is set at half-hour charts and used to confirm signals of Scalper_MA. If both tools show that the price will grow – enter the market, but if their readings differ – don’t open an order. Also, you can use Scalper_MA instead of the second indicator, but only at 15-minute and half-hour charts.
  • Most accurate signals come in American trading session. I’ve discovered that empirically, i.e. in practice, testing the

How to Increase Profits Twice?

And now we’ve reached the most exciting part. In fact, “The Scalper” is not unique, it’s available for everybody and most use it for trading. But deposit boosting hasn’t been tried on it, and bad for them, because it increases basic profits twice! Despite of such attractiveness, I recommend using boosts only for pros or for those who traded with “The Scalper” at least for a week. So, what’s the principle?

Start trading with the instruction above, but when the indicator shows the opposite signal, don’t close the order but open yet another, doubled one, in the opposite direction. With that, move the Stop for the first order to the breakeven (the level you’ve bought the order at). TakeProfit for it must be set in 15 pips from the current price.

Not some about the second order which is twice bigger than the first one. Its StopLoss must be set in 15 pips from the opened order, while TakeProfit should be set in 20 pips. With that, we have the following situation: whichever direction the price goes to, you lose nothing, because you’ve opened orders of both directions and set StopLosses correctly. If the signal is right, you will gain twice more than without boosting. Let’s figure it out at the example:

EUR/USD pair. Scalper_MA gives the buying signal when the price is 1.1200. You open the order for buying at 1 lot. The signal is right – the chart passes 15 pips up (1.1215), and the indicator shows the arrow down. With that, you move the Stop of the order to the breakeven, to 1.1200, TakeProfit – to 1.1230, and then open the second order for selling, at 2 lots. For that, you set the StopLoss at 1.1230 and TakeProfit – at 1.1195. With such circumstances, there are two possible outcomes:

  1. The signal is false, the price breaks the Stop of the second order and the TakeProfit of the first one, and as the result, you lose 2*15 (2 lots at 15 pips) and get 1*30 (1 lot at 30 pips). And you are eventually in the breakeven, losing nothing and gaining nothing. Such result is quite acceptable for a trader.
  2. The signal is right and the price breaks the StopLoss of the first order and the TakeProfit of the second one. With that, you are in the breakeven at the first position, gaining 2*20 = 40 pips, meanwhile the profit could be just 15 pips without boosting. All in all – the increase of the profit in 2.5

Be advised: the price will not always pass 20 pips in the opposite direction. You should close the second order when Scalper_MA shows the opposite signal. But even if the chart passes only 10 pips (minimum quantity), profits with boosts will be bigger than without it. With that, it’s important to consider the fact that after the closing the second enlarged order, out trading becomes absolutely risk-free.

Okay, I am explaining the algorithm of deposit boosting one more time, in the form of a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open an order with the signal of Scalper_MA.
  2. Once the indicator gives the opposite signal – open the second order in the opposite direction with the doubled size.
  3. For the first order: set the StopLoss to the breakeven, the TakeProfit – in 15 pips from the current price. For the second order – StopLoss in 10 pips, TakeProfit – 20.
  4. Orders are closed either at Stops and TakeProfits or when Scalper_MA gives a new signal in the opposite direction.


1-minute scalping trading strategy “The Scalper” is a great choice for a novice who wants to trade easily and profitably. Without using the deposit boosting, profitability of the strategy is 40-60% from the initial deposit per month if you open at least 3 positions per day. If to make it all clear and use boosts – the profitability increases in 2-2.5 times from the basic value, but I recommend this for pro-traders only.

Get lucky and gain much!

Best Regards, John Foster.

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